Night Life in Mallorca Spain

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Say Mallorca to young people or British tourists and the first thing they think of is the raging nightlife. After all we’re talking about throngs of tourists on holiday and looking to party. This is the Daytona Beach of Spain, but with a lot classier and more authentic feel. In general, Palma and the southern part of the island parties harder than the northern region. If you want laser shows and packed dance halls, stay south. If you’d prefer quiet evening strolls, then head north.


Palma de Mallorca
Palma de Mallorca


When exploring the night life in Mallorca don’t go under dressed, you’ll be sorry. If you try to get in with sneakers you’ll probably be turned away. Bouncers can turn you away with no explanation. Places with very high cover charges usually offer at least one free drink with cover. Drinks will be expensive, so be prepared. Some of the best places will have several floors of music, live entertainment, and skilled light shows.

Each place seems to have its own culture, decor and style to it along with a particular kind of music. Check out the people in line or going in to get a feel for the place. If you go into a place that is attracting mostly foreigners, you might find yourself surrounded by loud drunks while the night is still young. Spaniards know how to hold their drinks better and will tend to act more subdued and conversational.

Magaluf is where the nightlife in Mallorca is most intense. The town even claims two of the best nightclubs in all of Europe. The local government even felt it had to crack down on the wild scene and put a stop to the pre packaged organized tours of the pubs.

Whether in Palma or another lively area, the best way to enjoy the party scene is to roam. Try a few and then wander on some more. Anyone back before 5 a.m. has failed miserably. Remember, nightlife in Mallorca starts late…you may still be at dinner come midnight. Don’t head out till around 1 a.m. You might want to enter BCM just so you can brag about it later. If you go on foam night, wear your beach clothes. They literally fill the club with soapy foam.

In Palma, if you’re looking for a more subdued night out try 17th Century Abaco Bar for classical music. Even if you’re not a fan of classical music, the cover fee is worth it just to enjoy the ambiance.

You’ll feel transported to another world among the palatial surroundings, trickling water fountains, and alabaster statues, as you should at fifteen dollars a drink. Be sure to wander around and see the whole place. Jazz Voyuer Club is ideal for a date night.

How about a cocktail as you lounge and watch the sunset? Puro Beach is your best bet. Suppose you’ve got the kids and it’s a weeknight. The Pirate Themed dinner and adventure show is always a winner. The family version is at 6 p.m. and in the evening they feature an uncut version just after 10.


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