Places to visit in Seattle Washington

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Seattle is truly a vibrant cosmopolitan destination situated on Washington state coast. comes with extreme fun attractions, museums, entertainment, beautiful parks, eclectic neighborhoods, sport and entertainment venues, and cultural diversion. With unique historical landmarks, popular museums and diverse places of interest, there’s no question that Seattle can be a good spot to see.

Seattle Washington
Seattle Washington

Listed below are the most notable six things you can do in Seattle.

1. Visiting Pike Place Market

Is the heart with the Seattle waterfront, visiting pike market place is in fact one of the most exciting action to take in Seattle. Emerald city attractionactually features entrainment, dining and fun shopping. It is possible to stroll from the aisles of more vegetables, fruits, flowers, fish, baked goods, antiques as well as other exotic items, art and craft, artisan cheeses on the oldest market in the nation. This colorful 9 acre market has previous 100 a number of it genuinely features a huge selection of shops, booths, stands and in addition street performance of live music. This phenomenal market even offers great bars and restaurants like Zig Zag cafe and cutter’s bay house which can be actually to wind down and enjoy yourself.



Seattle Pike Place Market
Seattle Pike Place Market


2. Pioneer Place

Pioneer Square in Seattle is truly a vibrant dinning, arts, entertainment, nightlife and shopping district. Creating a historic building made out of Victorian Romanesque architecture, this phenomenal place has a variety of electric free galleries, shops, cafes, restaurants, music venues, cafes and bars. You can travel to historic landmarks just like the smith tower, Pioneer Park, grand central arcade and Occidental Park which may have diversity of galleries and shops. You can even enjoy having peaceful moments on the waterfall garden as well as art walk by strolling from the galleries through the night.

The Museum collections display spectrum of wonderful art from ancient Egypt and contemporary American photography and videos. The museum features extensive international exhibitions and art collections which can be unique.

Seattle Museum
Seattle Museum


4. Safeco Field

Being home of major leagues, Safeco field is in fact one of the most outstanding venues of sports in the nation. The filed has excellent sightlines of sport action and in addition panoramic views of Seattle’s downtown Puget Sound and skyline. Safeco exhibits present selection of sports, entertainment events, shows ad concerts which can be outstanding.


Seattle Stadiums
Seattle Stadiums


5. Seattle Great Wheel

The latest action to take in Seattle is coming to the great wheel which is truly a 17 story tall Ferris wheel. The wheel is in fact the tallest wheel available today to operated thought the season and it’s also seen on Seattle waterfront.VIP tickets along with group rides can be purchased in separate 42 gondolas which may accommodate you use approximately 8 passengers each. This brilliant wheel supplies the riders with spectacular water views and downtown come rain or sunshine.


Seattle Space Needle
Seattle Skyline


6. Seattle Space Needle

Soaring to the skyline of Seattle, space needle is in fact one of the most iconic action to take in Seattle. It is possible to consider the adventurous 848 steps walk or even an elevator ride for the 520 foot observation deck and acquire to enjoy Seattle’s panoramic views. Build in 1962, Seattle space needle is actually one of many tallest buildings under western culture. In addition, it features space base- a a store with jewelry and gifts, revolving sky city restaurant and banquet venues.




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