Hotel Nikko San Francisco

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A soothing session of shiatsu followed by a dip in a whirlpool spa. Meditation in the stillness of the Kamaburo Room. Sipping a signature Nikko sake martini in the bar at Anzu. In these and other aspects, Hotel Nikko San Francisco achieves a harmony of East and West in a city that prides itself on Pacific Rim savvy. It blends traditional Japanese hospitality with California’s flair for the bold and modern in a bustling urban setting just off Union Square.

Guests arrive to the soothing sound of water cascading down a two-story fountain and spilling over a shaft of patterned glass in the lobby. Recessed lighting casts a soft glow across gray and white marble. And, like a Japanese garden, the lobby’s asymmetrical design enhances the mood of serenity.

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