Save on eating in Paris

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Holiday to Paris might be high expenses, especially if you live in a country like Australia or New Zealand. If you are on budget, travel on the day that is not holiday season; look for flight deals that many Airlines offers on off peak season, search for cheap hotel deals for hotel , travel deals online, and lastly, use phone card or calling card to make your international calls.

Tick done for flight deals, done for hotel deals, done for travel deals, done for calling card or phone card, the last thing that you might have to check out is the good places, tasty, delicious food yet cheap to have your mealand record your experience using good web hosting provider!


Paris France
Paris France


Below are the tips to save your money for food in Paris

• Higher price food is normally mostly found in tourist area. Go further away from the tourist area or even follow the local France for food.

• Go to The Marais, the Jewish quater in Paris. In Marais, there is a lot of cheap food in Marais, such as falafel,kebobs, not expensive light meal and snack. Take your time and walk around all the stands in Marais and find the best deal for your food or try L’As du Fallafel.

• You simply have to eat crepe in Paris. It is popular for local too, as not only it cost less, but also it has the nicest crepe in the world. Paris crepe offer main meals (egg, cream, cheeses, vegies), as well as desert(fruit, chocolate, ice cream, jellies). Try crêpe au fromage et ouef (cheese+ egg) crepe for your meal and rich delicious Nuttella + banana crepe for desert will last you till lunch or dinner.And in many Crepe stand, there are also pre-made sandwiches available



Get your breakfast takeaway from train station. Usually there is breakfast special offered; a pastry, coffee and orange juice for less than €10.
• For snack, try the famous street snack for winter; roasted chestnuts in a cart. It will livened up your day

• For sitting-in to eat in cafe in France might be costly, and remember, if you ask for water, it is best to say “ carafe de l”eau’, as the waiter will bring sparkling or bottled water if you simply ask for “water” .

• If you would like to try to eat in French restaurant, it will cost less to have lunch than dinner. Some restaurant/cafe offers the same menu for lunch and dinner with cheaper price and smaller portion for lunch.

• Bring good phrase book and save more by using local French menu than the English or other language menu “tourist menu”. Some restaurant/cafe charges more on English or other language menu.

• After had breakfast, lunch, or dinner in a cafe or restaurant, do check on your bill to make sure all charges is right to prevent unwanted charges.

• To save more, go to local market, get cheese, meat, lettuce and create your own sandwich or even ask the person in market to create, and wrapped it for you to take it with you to your next sightseeing destination. Ranges of bread and cheese are always available on the market. This way, you can have a taste of local Parisian by exploring the local market and also save.


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