The Unspoiled isla de Vieques Puerto Rico

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Vieques is fast becoming known as a unique and intriguing tourist destination. It is a wonderful place to kick back and mellow out. The emphasis in Vieques is toward eco-tourism. Uppermost in the eco-tourism area in Vieques is the Bioluminescent Bay, one of the most spectacular natural phenomena’s in the Caribbean.


Vieques Puerto Rico
Vieques Puerto Rico


Vieques has a semi-arid sub-tropical climate. The daytime temperature ranges from 80-90 degrees year-round. The “rainy season” encompasses two periods of roughly October-November and May-June, but is not continuous and never a reason to avoid the island, if you want to avoid the crowds. By crowds, I mean more than one group every 50 yards at the beach.

Vieques is an Old World Spanish island with more restrained moral values than many tourist destinations today. Proper dress is appreciated and sometimes required on the street. Speedos and bikinis don’t qualify as proper dress. They are beach wear. Cover up when in town or on the street.

The Vieques countryside is most verdant during the rainy season and during the summer months, the Flamboyan trees are in full bloom with their orchid-like bright red flower clusters filling entire trees like great red flames.

In Vieques the cattle roam free, as do the horses. Large gray and brown Brahmas wander the countryside. While they are an impressive site, watch out for them while driving.

There are excellent picture taking stops everywhere you look in Vieques and most of the views are incredible. Vieques Sunsets and sunrises are spectacular. If you have trouble making it up early enough for sunrises, there are a fewfor your viewing.

Snorkeling is excellent in Vieques particularly at Blue Beach. You can also swim at Sun Bay, a mile of beach lined with coconut palms that is uncrowded during most of the year. There are a variety of options for places to stay such as vacation timeshare rentals, timeshare rentals, hotels and guesthouses. As the island continues to develop with tourism in mind, more timeshares, rentals, and resort properties will be available.

The waters off Vieques are popular with fishermen and divers, and a wonderful way to spend some quality time communing with nature.

There is always something to do at night in Vieques. There are a couple of bars to play pool and get into a dart game. There are restaurants that have island nights complete with steel bands, and there is even a great “Jazz Cafe”. And the cuisine is “par excellence” in Vieques. There is everything from “street food” to “Nuevo Puertorriqueño” and beyond. Vieques has some of the finest food in Puerto Rico according to the San Juan Star newspaper.

If Vieques’ history is your thing, we have an old Spanish fort which is now restored as a museum, El Faro, a turn of the century lighthouse, and the Vieques Conservation & Historical Trust, which will inform you of the flora and fauna as well as the ancient history of the island. Many of the old buildings are restored in the island city capitol town of Isabel Segunda, but many more disappear only to be replaced by unstylish cubes. If you want to see the old Spanish styles before they disappear, don’t wait too long.

The island also is also home to some excellent artists, both Viequense and Expatriate. They represent most mediums and some of their works can get quite large.

When you decide to visit Vieques, you will enjoy yourself, whatever you opt to do.

There is more about the island or the particular topics I have talked about in their specific areas, available from the menu on the left.


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