U.S.A. Fishing Destinations

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The United States has many great places to go fishing but most people, being creatures of habit find one place they enjoy and then only fish at that venue. However, for the more adventuresome angler, here are a few of the most amazing places to fish.



The Flaming Gorge Reservoir is located in southwestern Wyoming and northeastern Utah. As western reservoir’s go, this one is big. There is plenty of room for boats to access the shallow fingers as well as the deep holes though the middle. Because the reservoir was made by damming up the Green River there are places where the lake is very deep and there is an abundance of food for the fish. There are miles of shoreline for anglers who prefer fishing from a bank.

Almost the entire perimeter is open and easy to fish. There is a percentage of the fish population that just travels around the reservoir a few yards out from the shore finding plenty to eat and perfect temperatures.

Just below the dam is a stretch of the Green River known as the “miracle mile”. It is restricted to fishing with flies and lures only and has strict regulations on bag limits but the fishing there is amazing. It is full of rainbow and brown trout that are hard fighters and big fish. On a good day floating down the mile long piece of water you can catch 40 fish; and at least half will be 20 inches long.

Another great fishing area is Table Rock lake located near Branson, Missouri. This lake is formed by damming the White River and as a result the lake follows the winding path of the old river bed. The lake has an amazing habitat for fishing, especially bigmouth bass. The fingers of the lake are shallow and warm with weedy, grassy bottoms and plenty of old trees and exposed roots. The bass are big and bite wildly.


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