A Culinary Adventure Close To Paris

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Once you’ve gotten your discount flight to Paris, France or gotten that fantastic Paris, France travel or vacation or hotel deal, you can relax . Now’s the time to have fun, focus and explore. You’ll soon see why France is the world’s top tourist destination. Dijon, a short trip from Paris, is one such gem in France’s tourism crown.


Dijon food hall designed by Eiffel.
Dijon food hall designed by Eiffel.

Most people are familiar with the funny Grey Poupon mustard commercials. When it comes to Dijon mustard, Grey Poupon is probably the most recognizable brand out there. However, there is much about where this mustard originates from that folks don’t know . Beyond the influences of catchy condiment advertising is a region of refined culture and history.

Situated between France’s border with Switzerland and Paris , is the charming town of Dijon. It was here that combinations of white wine and grape juice produced the uniquely flavored mustard now know around the world as Dijon mustard. Naturally, you will want to get an original jar of Dijon to take back home, but what else can be seen here?

Architecture of Dijon

Just like many neighboring regions of France, Dijon claims some inspiring architecture as expressed through its churches. Often referred to as the “town of a hundred spires,” this quaint locale is home to an amazing collection of churches and other religious buildings. Among these beautiful buildings is the La Chapelle de Elus, or Chapel of the Elected Representatives. Construction on the Chapelle began in 1738. A tour of the interior presents an array of intriguing designs. The intricately sculptured walls provide an air of refinement as you make your way through the lightly colored halls.


Dijon France
Dijon France


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