Aruba Hotels

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Aruba is an island in the Caribbean.It is about 15 miles north of the Venezuelan coast.It is also an autonomous dependency of the country the Netherlands.

This wonderful island is about 19 miles or 30 kilometers long and 9 kilometers or 6 miles across.The island s widest point measures an area of 70 square miles or 184 square kilometers.

It is a river less and flat island that is very popular for its white sand beaches.In addition, the island s tropical climate is constantly moderated by trade winds from its nearest ocean which is the Atlantic.The temperature in the area is almost always about 81 degrees Fahrenheit or 27 degrees Celsius.You will find numerous luxury hotels in Aruba.


aruba beaches


The island of Aruba is further divided into southwest and northeast coasts.The southwestern coast has beautiful white sand beaches as well as warm waters and turquoise seas while the northeastern coast has some white sand beaches along with rocky coastlines, rough seas and treacherous currents.The northeastern coast of this island is exposed to the ocean of the Atlantic.In addition, the capital city of this island is Oranjestad.Its other cities comprise of Barcadera, Paradera, Savaneta, Noord and Saint Nicolaas.


The island of Aruba is a place of culture and contrast along with an outstanding feature which is fun in the sun.The best place to relax and enjoy a perfect Caribbean holiday is to stay at this wonderful luxury resort.The resort offers a lot of holiday beach activities such as pool lounging and para sailing.It is the ultimate place for entertainment, romance and action.Hotel amenities include a complimentary fitness center which offers bikes, free weights, treadmills and universals.

Aruba Luxury Hotels

There are numerous 5 star Aruba hotels scattered along the area.You can also find all inclusive hotels and all sorts of hotels in Aruba where you can relax, enjoy and be in tune with nature.Below are some of the top luxury hotels in Aruba.


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