Barbados a jewel in the Caribbean

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Barbados is a tiny little island in the outer reaches of the Caribbean region, and is in fact situated the farthest into the Atlantic Ocean than any other Caribbean nation. The island is just 166 square miles in size but home to 285,000 people, making it the most densely populated country in the Caribbean. A group of Amerindians first populated Barbados during the 4th century CE, and in the 13th century CE the Caribs made their way from South America. Unfortunately, the latter part of the 16th century brought violence and conflict to the island paradise.



Barbados makes it’s first appearance on a Spanish map in 1511, and it seems the explorers simply plundered the island of all human inhabitants and anything edible. Those who were taken hostage were eventually sold into slavery, and those who managed to escape fled to other nearby islands. After everything of value was either killed or taken, the Spanish moved on without laying claim to the island. Perhaps they deemed it too small an isle to be worth seizing. Afterwards, while on their way to Brazil in 1536, the Portuguese came upon Barbados. They too left the island unclaimed, and only stopped to release a few wild hogs as a future meat supply.


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The English finally set foot on Barbados in 1624, and they did take possession of the land. Just two years later permanent settlements were established, and a colony was born. During the tumultuous colonial years when France, England and Spain were all battling over ownership of various Caribbean islands,



Barbados was the only island that did not change hands between the three European powerhouse nations. Thus, from 1627 right up until their independence in 1966, Barbados has been under British governance.


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