Barbados a jewel in the Caribbean

Barbados is a tiny little island in the outer reaches of the Caribbean region, and is in fact situated the farthest into the Atlantic Ocean than any other Caribbean nation. The island is just 166 square miles in size but home to 285,000 people, making it the most densely populated country in the Caribbean.

Barbados a Caribbean Paradise

Barbados is an intriguing island country in the Caribbean. This small island is home to wonderful heritage, rich history, great culture, incredible beaches and thrilling adventure. Experience the perfect combination of exhilarating fun and excitement. Barbados is better known as the Pearl of the Caribbean Islands.  

Mango Bay Resort Barbados

Mango Bay’s all-inclusive luxury resort on St. James, Barbados offers the perfect combination of personalized attention with the ease of an all-inclusive holiday, set amongst the tropical glories of lush gardens, white sand beaches, beautifully-landscaped pools, and the wide vistas of the Caribbean. Each of the six classes of rooms, including private apartments and a penthouse suite, boasts a private balcony or patio and garden or ocean views.