Barcelona for Families

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Barcelona is one of the most popular city break destinations world wide, and no less so for families. There are numerous reasons for this, and this guide tries to pin-point the main ones and serve as an introduction to what you can do and see in Barcelona. There is also information about practical and safety issues.


The most budget friendly and uncomplicated alternative for accommodation in Barcelona is a short-term apartment rental. Renting an apartment means saving on accommodation, as the price per head becomes very affordable. Besides preparing meals in a fully functional kitchen will help you further in cutting down on expenses.



-Port Aventura (in Tarragona).A “Disneyland” style adventure park about an hours journey south of Barcelona. A kid’s favorite.

-The IMAX Theatre. For spectacular 3D movie experiences, situated in the Maremagnum shopping complex at Port Vell – the old port.

– Harbor Cruise. There are boats on the Old Port that will bring for a relaxing but fun hour and a half. cruise along the coast.

Sightseeing and activities:

–    Swimming. There are miles of clean city beaches where you can rent anything from roller blades to windsurfing boards, or simply relax on the white sand.

–  Picnic in Parc Guell.The world famous park envisioned by architect Antoni Gaudi is the ideal picnic location. Spectacular city views and fairy-tale houses and circling paths.

–   Barcelona Zoo. Go to the Ciutadella park and visit more than 400 species of birds and mammals!

–   Barcelona Aquarium. All types of exciting ocean dwellers reside here, with sharks as the main attraction.

Located at the Maremagnum.

–  Camp Nou. A soccer game at Camp Nou, the biggest stadium in Europe is a treat, even if you only have the smallest of interests in sports.

–   Magic Fountain. Hours vary according to season. But, the eruptions in water, light and color at the foot of the climb to the National Museum (at Montjuic) is sure to thrill both kids in their parents!

–   The Chocolate Museum in El Born. An obvious choice this one, who doesn’t like chocolate?


Barcelona has low crimes rates for a city its size. Petty crime is the main problem, and pick-pockets do merit our attention. Make sure that any valuables are kept well out of reach from those attempting a quick “grab-and run”, and be on the look-out for unusual behavior. Sometimes pocket thieves use creative methods like pretending to help you remove a stain from your clothes etc. – basically any kind of excuse to divert your attention. Being aware of the problem and taking measures to avoid falling victim to pick-pocketing will make it so much easier to have that perfect vacation you want for your family.

Being in the center of the city means always being in the presence of other people – visitors and locals alike, who have the same goals as you, great meals, taking in the architectural splendor and everything else that Barcelona has to offer!

In short, if a city vacation is what you had in mind for your family this year, Barcelona will “deliver the goods”; good food, entertainment, sun and clean city beaches!



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