Best Baby Travel Systems

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The Best BabyTravel Systems

With a good car seat / stroller combo, your baby can see the world in style and comfort

Summer’s coming, and so are vacation plans. You’ll need one of the best baby travel systems so it’ll be easier to take your baby along with you. Travel systems include a car seat and a stroller, sold together, which can be used separately or as a single unit.

Once babies are past the newborn stage, they’re heavier to pack around in their infant carriers, in your arms or wraps. Trust me, you’ll want one of these when you head out on your first family vacation. That’s why we wrote this article breaking down the Best Baby Travel Systems for you.

When our daughter was about 8 months old, my husband had several out-of-town trips for work. I was a full-time mom, so she and I were able to travel with him. She was still small, but at about 16 pounds, our arms got awfully tired carrying her around. That’s when our travel system saved the day.

Take the stress out of outings

While he was in meetings, she and I went to zoos, museums, parks, and malls. She was only crawling at the time, so riding in the stroller gave her a chance to see more of the world and saved my back in the process.

Some strollers come equipped with a bassinet or reclining infant seat that’s great for little ones. But what do you do when she’s fallen asleep in the car on the way to the zoo? You’ll have to unbuckle her, pick her up, get her settled in the stroller, buckle her up again…

You can guess where that leads: one seriously cranky baby and one flustered parent with a backache. Save yourself the sweat and tears and invest in a great travel system.


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