Best Dirt Bike and ATV Trails In North America

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North America is the ATV and/or dirt bike rider’s dream. There are miles and miles of trails all over the continent, with an amazing variety of landscapes. With such a large amount of territory to cover, picking the best dirt biking trails in North America seems like an impossible task, but we did our best to choose a five trails where your ride will be thrilling…guaranteed. Read on to learn our choices for the best dirt biking trails in North America.


The Paiute ATV Trail
The Paiute ATV Trail

1. The Paiute ATV Trail (Utah, USA)

Strap on your motorcycle goggles and get ready for over 2000 miles of primary and designated side trail. Utah’s Paiute Trail features unbelievable rock formations, gorgeous lakes, and wild forests with a diverse variety of wildlife living inside. With so much to see and so much ground to cover, the Paiute ATV trail is a must-ride for any serious dirt biker.

2. Taylor Park (Colorado, USA)

If you have a few days, or better yet a few weeks, consider exploring Colorado’s Taylor Park. The area is huge – but there’s tons to do. The Park has cabins for rent, a marina where you can rent boats, and a reservoir for fishing. You can also explore one of the many still existing historical mining structures along the trails while out riding.

3. Coal Creek Trail System (Tennessee, USA)

Fire up your motorcycle GPS, because you’re going to need it for the more than 100 miles of trails that make up the Coal Creek trail system in Tennessee. Coal Creek features intense hill climbs, mud pits, and fast dirt roads – trails that will satisfy the needs of any type of rider.


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