Best Places to Shop in Atlanta

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Atlanta has a great reputation for great places to shop. Especially for the new “Hip Hop” crowd, and young artists on the rise. When you plan your next foray into the city you just might want to stop at a few of these places.

1.      Blue Genes – Finding the perfect pair of jeans can be an arduous task. Denim has gone from practical apparel to a medium for a lot of great designers. The store Blue Genes boasts that it has almost every brand imaginable; you will be able to get whatever brand you like in one location. This is the first store of its kind in as much as it offers a denim reclamation service. Whether you are looking for new or used jeans, this is a must stop shop.


Americas Mart Atlanta
Americas Mart Atlanta


2.     Phipps Plaza – If you are on a budget you will not like it at this mall, but it is one of the hottest shopping centers in Atlanta. It is located in a very wealthy neighborhood, which tells you right off that even the bargain prices are going to be pretty steep. It has Saks and Nordstrom just to name a few. If the brand is expensive, you will likely find it here.

3.      Lenox Square Mall – just like Phipps this is where the people listed in the life styles of the rich and famous, go to shop. Bloomingdale’s and Macys are at either end of the mall. You will not have to worry about seeing the same stores fount at Phipps, since the malls do not duplicate the shopping selection.

4.     Atlantic Station – This is more like a shopping it has taken the inside mall experience to the outside. There are brick streets, landscaping and quaint street lamps that give the entire area the feel of being in a larger city. It has taken the concept of live, work and play to a whole new level. The winter is the best time to stroll its lanes once all the festive lights are up, you truly feel as if you are in a winter wonderland.

5.      The Atlanta Merchandise Mart – If you are 0-8 you are in luck. At this shopping center you can get clothing from designers that were used as buyers-samples, which is why they run so small. The mart also boasts a furniture section that is run the same way. You must have a pass to get in and they are hard to obtain also only for folks who work outside of the fashion Industry. Getting a pass is like getting the golden ticket to visit the Chocolate Factory.

Shopping is done for necessity and pleasure.  For some it is a sport.  Whatever you shop for can be found in Atlanta.

The problem is not just finding it, but being able to afford it. Of course there are always the “mart” retail chains to choose from, but what fun is that? Visit these mall for kicks, if nothing else.


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