Mayan Pyramid of the Magician, the Yucatan, Mexico

Notable to Mexico and familiar to most people, by way of photographic images in travel magazines, are the amazing pyramids and their singular design features. Mexico’s Pyramid of the Magician is perhaps one of the most famous of these structures and one of the most massive pyramids in Mesoamerica, an amazing wonder due to the shear construction effort that it entailed. It is the largest building in the pre-Columbian city of Uxmal as well.

7 modern wonders of the world

In 2007, a six-year initiative culminated in a popularity poll aimed to pick seven new wonders of the world from a short list of 200 existing monuments. While many of the places that failed to make the cut are highly desirable destinations, the Acropolis of Athens, Angkor Wat and Eiffel Tower included, the selected seven are rightly found at the top of many a traveler’s bucket list.