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Historic monuments, pristine beaches, living amidst (literally) tropical trees, a clear blue sky, fragrant weather, and a boat ride in crystal clear water – how is that for a holiday? Sounds too good to be true? Well, it is not for nothing that Bali is called a ‘Paradise on Earth’.This tropical Indonesian island is only eight-nine degrees south of the equator, which means that the weather here is always calm and sunny – perfect for vacationers and backpackers.


Bali Indonesia
Bali paradise in Indonesia

Bali: The perfect getaway for lovebirds

What do honeymooners yearn for? Quiet solitude and lots-and-lots of nature to soak in! Bali offers that and a lot more. Being a tropical island, it goes without saying that this place has been blessed with the choicest of flora and fauna. Laced with water lilies, hibiscus, jasmine, orchids, and a number of exotic flowers, Bali is truly a natural bouquet. The air here is always fresh and fragrant, giving the newlyweds and much in love couples a feeling of bliss that creates a perfect setting for a perfect romance.

Beaches in Bali
Beaches in Bali paradise

No wonder, Bali tour packages are a hit with honeymooners who wish to enjoy a quick escape into a world of dreams.

Bali offers the option of enjoying a laid back and leisure holiday. With its numerous historical monuments and gigantic temples, one cannot have a dull moment here. On the other hand, the serenity and calm of the place have an instant soothing effect on the tourists. There is nothing better than soaking in the balmy sunset whilst holding your partner’s hand, as you inhale the fresh aroma of tropical flowers!


Bali Indonesia hotels

Get, set, jump: the adventurous side of Bali


Bali beautiful nature
Bali Paradise beautiful nature

It is no news that Bali is a diver’s haven – it is an island after all. But what sets Bali apart is the kind of waves and water temperament it offers to the ever-adventurous divers. The island is surrounded by coral reefs and Volcano Mountains. Just like the land, even the water surrounding Bali is rich with wildlife and marine life. Exotic fishes, dolphins, and whale sharks inhabit the Bali water, and attract a large number of divers who are interested in exploring and witnessing first hand the marine beauty of this place.

A number of Bali holiday packages are specifically designed to give the best experience to divers and adventure seekers. Travel packages to Bali fit into all kinds of pockets, and fills the tourists with an overwhelming experience to last a lifetime!

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