Discover La Jolla: The Jewel of Southern California

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Ask someone to say “jewel” in Spanish and you’ll hear “La Jolla.” That’s a perfect name for the beautiful village located on the coast just north of San Diego. Spend a vacation in these spectacular surroundings and you will feel like you have discovered a real gem of your own. The ambience is one of absolute scenic beauty! Ditch the hustle and bustle of the daily grind. In La Jolla, you will forget about everything except relaxing with those you love. The wide range of exclusive hotels, resorts, beach houses, and seaside villas will make La Jolla your favorite holiday retreat and vacation hotspot.



La Jolla Beach


La Jolla’s accommodations are renown for their service and beach front beauty. Any travel website or agent can provide you with plenty of information about all the hotel and resort options that you have in La Jolla, or you can visit La Jolla’s official tourism website. Soon, you’ll be adding your voice to the long list of personal testimonials from people who have visited this Pacific Ocean community.

The weather? Hey, it’s San Diego, America’s finest city. Most days, year around, are mild and sunny (think of watching ocean waves while taking in the sun on a 70 degree day). Paradise without the hassle of a passport! Word about La Jolla is getting out, so you should your book your travel plans early to get the best deals.


But be warned, you may have a hard time choosing. With dozens of beautiful and amazing hotels, villas, condos, apartments, and suites to choose from, you may find yourself wanting it all.. luxury, fine dining, pampering, shopping, panoramic beauty, and tons of ocean going fun. Fortunately, in La Jolla, you can have it all!


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