Gin and tonics in Spain

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Move over sangria: Spain has a new obsession and it’s the gin and tonic!

I had never been a fan of gin and tonics. My husband Dave used to drink them when we first met, but I never developed a taste for tonic water. To me, it always seemed like an old-fashioned drink that should be served in a gentlemen’s club as (male) patrons talked politics and smoked cigars by a fireplace. Martinis and wine were more suited to my lifestyle.

gin and tonic
gin and tonic

That is, until I tried a proper gin and tonic in Spain. The refreshing cocktail is so popular there are cocktail bars dedicated solely to this particular drink. Michelin-starred restaurants around the region have their own signature G&Ts.

Wherever you go, gin and tonic is the star attraction on the drink menu, and by the middle of the evening, you’ll notice everyone in the bar sipping on this cool refreshing beverage.

From the swanky downtown bars of Barcelona to the quiet home-style restaurants in the Pyrenees, everyone loves gin and tonic.

Since becoming a gin and tonic aficionado, I have learned that the right G&T is all about the ingredients. Back home, in Toronto, we mix our gin with regular tonic water and any old gin will do. In Spain, it’s about choosing the right tonic to compliment your palette, and adding other flavors such as cucumber, cranberry, peppers or shaved ginger (to name a few).

So many different types of gin and tonic cocktailsSo many different types of gin and tonic cocktails

I didn’t know you could buy different types of tonic water, but there are premium tonics out there just like premium spirits such as vodka or rum.

On a recent visit, when I was presented with eight different tonics from which to choose, I put my trust in the mixologist to help me pick the right one. He asked my about my flavor preferences, personality, and tastes, and as he learned about my likes and dislikes, he slowly decided what gin-and-tonic combination would work for me.


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