Gold Coast Lures Beach lovers to Sydney Australia

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The travelers to Sydney Australia never miss a chance to witness the amazing beaches of Gold Coast that bestow heavenly joy and feeling of being on cloud nine. From young gangs to elderly folks, the beaches of Gold Coast lure everyone alike.

With rising and falling waves, soft golden sand, far-stretched foreshore walkways and endless activities, the beaches of Gold Coast are just perfect to plan a day trip with family and friends. The Gold Coast beaches never let down the travelers and help them in energizing and revitalizing their boring scheduled life.


Gold Coast Sydney
Gold Coast Sydney

Perfect Itinerary

Many beach lovers who are keen on exploring Sydney Beaches apart from Gold Coast beaches can book international cheap flights to Sydney with cheap tickets on domestic flights from Sydney to Gold Coast and return travel from Brisbane to UK. After a rendezvous with Sydney Beaches, arrive in Gold Coast and commence the exploration of Gold Coast beaches with the Coolangatta beach, closest to the Gold Coast airport, and then traveling northwards, finally ending at Surfer’s Paradise or Main Beach.

This way, travelers who booked flights to Sydney can explore Sydney Beaches, followed by Gold Coast Beaches and then finally can take flight back to the UK from Brisbane which is the closest international airport from Surfers Paradise (48 mi) with international airport serving flights to London and other UK airports.


Stretched along Southport in the north, the Coolangatta beach wins the admiration of millions of travelers booking flights to Sydney and Brisbane to spend memorable holidays. The beach is counted among the best family beaches and seems like a small heaven in itself. The sheltered swimming spots, gentle surf, and endless picnic spots make Coolangatta beach a much loved holiday spot. Moreover, the Point Danger at the Coolangatta beach is best to enjoy views of eye-pleasing landscapes and catch some glimpse of the giant whales.

Miami & Nobby Beach

For the travelers seeking a place to chill out and forget all the worries of life, the Miami & Nobby Beach of Gold Coast is the best place to visit. With tranquil beachfront and striking beach side path, Miami & Nobby Beach makes a wonderful backdrop to relish the sunset views with your beloved. Whether one wants to go for a long walk, or enjoy the sunset views with a glass of drink in hand, the Miami & Nobby Beach offers all the pleasures of life and arouses a true holiday feel in the heart of the travelers.

Mermaid Beach

Perfect for family vacationers booking flights to Sydney, Mermaid Beach is a great beach to enjoy and unwind oneself. The beach features many attractions such as sheltered picnic spots, bike tracks and a children’s playing field that elevate the holiday experience of the travelers on tour to Gold Coast. Additionally, the serene ambience and pleasing swells at the Mermaid Beach make the aura blissful and offer an eternal happiness of being close to nature.

Surfers Paradise

Surfers Paradise beach is the hub for surfers and offers most thrilling and stimulating waves to try your daredevilry. The beach is a much-loved location for families and couples and stays jam-packed with tourists. Especially on the weekends, the beach seems like a vibrant canvas with hordes of people wearing colourful swimming costumes and enjoying various games such as swimming, volleyball, surfing, etc. Just a short stroll away, travelers may also find many beach side restaurants and hotels at the Surfers Paradise beach. Surfer’s Paradise beach promises maximum return for every penny and minute spent on booking those cheap flights to Sydney or Brisbane.

Main Beach

Main Beach is another one of the most popular and visited beaches of Gold Coast and tops the travel itinerary of every beach lover planning air travel to Sydney or Brisbane. With a remarkable bathing pavilion, incredible surfing club and amazing beach snack bar to chill out, Main Beach offers a perfect setting to relish some blissful moments in cool water under the soothing sun. The rolling waves of the Main Beach are unmatched and bestow out of the world surfing experience.


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