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If you have not considered a holiday in Germany before, you should expect to be enticed and amazed by what is on offer. Germany is year-round holiday destination, with fine cities for Autumn and Winter cultural breaks, the famous German Christmas Markets, music, beer and wine festivals, spa holidays, summer river cruising plus of course alpine scenes for family summer holidays and winter skiing.


Munich Germany
Munich Germany

As well as its amazing scenery, including the breathtaking Rhine and Moselle rivers, Germany has a fascinating history and wide range of cultural events. The Italian Renaissance painters were discovered, for example, by a young Albrecht Durer, who brought their influence to Northern Europe via the fine mediaeval town of Nurnberg.. The Reformation had its toots in Germany through the revolutionary thinking of men such as Martin Luther, and of course the evolution of printing also had roots in the country. So if you are planning a European holiday with a difference, Germany’s cultural history alone is well worth taking a look.

Germany is a country of diversity – beautiful sandy beaches of North Germany, the forested valleys and mountain ranges in the center, Theme Parks and Rivers in the West and the mountains in the south which offer ideal surroundings for all kinds of sports and activities.

Berlin at night
Berlin at night

However, it is in Germany’s revived and regenerated cities that you will find vitality and fascination. Berlin, Munich, Hamburg and Dresden, for example, have big differences in terms of location and political history, but are united in offering a great welcome and perfectly organized tours and excursions for visitors.

Berlin has a little of everything, incorporating International flair and provincial charm, and is warm-hearted in its welcome and wildly uninhibited. Since the decadent 1920’s, and many years as an island of western ideals cut off by the communist wall, long gone now, Berlin holds a fascination few other cities can claim. Berlin’s night life is second to none. And in the past decade, the city has seen amazing new architectural developments springing up everywhere.


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