Kings Dominion Theme Park in Richmond VA

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Kings Dominion, located in a suburb 20 miles from Richmond, Virginia, recently was named Virginia’s Most Exciting Theme Park. It features 400 acres of rides and fun around almost every corner. You can experience some of the biggest roller coasters in the country, one of the highest drop towers in the world with a 272 foot drop. This happens at 75 miles per hour so is pretty scary!

Another fun aspect of Kings Dominion is Waterworks – a 20 acre water park for your enjoyment when it is hot outside (a common occurrence from June to September here).


Kings Dominion
Kings Dominion

The fun rides at King’s Dominion will get you to very high speed and heights. You’ll be screaming a lot when your breath is not totally sucked from your lungs. One of the most impressive attractions here is the Hypersonic XLC. This amazing coaster will accelerate you from 0-80 in under two seconds. It shoots passengers 165 straight into the air, and then gently back down with compressed air.

Another exciting roller coaster at Kings Dominion is called the Flight of Fright. This one is powered by linear induction magnets. It is inside and takes passengers shooting through a cobra roll and sidewinder, as well as a corkscrew. And there are many other twists along the way.

The coolest part is that the ride is in almost pitch black. So you do not know what is about to happen. This is one of those rides you may have trouble screaming because you have no air left in your lungs!

One of the exciting additions to the Richmond, VA park is called the Dominator. Opened in 2008, this coaster has broken two world records. Riders are on the biggest, floorless steel coaster at 4210 feet in length. Also, riders experience the planet’s biggest vertical loop, and going at speeds as high as 65 mph If you are hot and sweaty after all this excitement, you can take a break at Waterworks.


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