Montreal is Truely Amongst Cities worth Visiting!

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Montreal is the second largest city in Canada is the political economic and cultural capital with a vibrant and diverse culture.  It is also the political economic and cultural capital of the province of Quebec. It is a culturally diverse, lively, vibrant, cosmopolitan city which has a distinct nature of its own. It is even called the city of Mary. It is consistently rated as the world’s one of the most liveable city. And recently it was also awarded UNESCO City of Design. French us widely spoken here making it the second largest primary French speaking city of the world first being Paris.



Montreal Canada
Montreal Canada


The infrastructure includes both modern as well as historical buildings that are there in their original form which attract many tourists from round the world. The Port of Montreal is the largest in Canada with the largest inland port of the world.

Montreal is destination which experiences all four seasons each one bringing more fun and characteristics of its own making it a real pleasure to visit the destination. Climate prevailing over here is of true humid continental climate. Summers are warm her with average high temperatures of 26°C and low of 16°C. Winters are cold as it brings icy weather with winds and snow. All those taking flights to Montreal should know that in winters this metropolis offers a wide range of activities like skiing snowshoeing ice skating and a lot more. Spring and fall are mild and pleasant thus attracting many tourists in this time of the year.

The economy is fast growing and developing. It is an important center of finance, culture, commerce, industry, world affairs and technology. It is also headquarter of the Montreal Exchange. The region is talented in fields like visual arts, theater and dance. Some of their popular festivals are Montreal International Jazz Festival, Just for Laughs, Montreal Firework Festival and many others. It is a fact that thousands get their tickets made well in advance to obtain cheap flights to Montreal. Those flying here visit places like Bonsecours Market, Skyline of Montreal, Beaver Lake and Notre- Dame Basilica. The place is surely worth a visit.


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