Top Ten Places To Visit In France

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When you’re in the magnificent country of France, the question is not what you should do, the question is what is there that’s not to do? It seems that the liberated air of Parisians is contagious, and all you want to do when you’re in Paris is to be as free and artistic and relaxed as any regular Parisian you meet on the street. Coffee in one hand and crepe in the other, what else is better than eating it al fresco in the cool Parisian morning breeze?


Arc de Triomphe
Arc de Triomphe

1.) The Louvre

First stop is almost always the most famous art museum in the history of France and probably the world, The Louvre. It houses some great artistic talents including the famously infamous Leonardo da Vinci. His Mona Lisa is still the top attraction, and that secretive, knowing smile of hers is always a must-see.

2.) The Eiffel Tower

Next on the list is, of course, the Eiffel Tower. It was once ridiculed by ancient artists as a monstrosity but is now regarded as one of Paris, France’s best works of art. Inside, you can get souvenirs, have your postcards stamped with the Eiffel Tower insignia and dine in their restaurants.

3.) French Riviera

Within its borders, you will find the famous tourist destinations Nice, Cannes and St. Tropez. Its beaches are so breathtaking and magnificent, and they are perfect for a romantic rendezvous. The scene also becomes a little wilder once the parties get rolling in the evenings.

4.) The Cathedral of Notre Dame

Victor Hugo’s famous book has this as the backdrop of his entire story where we all learned to love the brave and endearing hunchback. Famous for its stone architecture complete with towering religious icons, gothic design capturing different faces of gargoyles, the Notre Dame Cathedral shouldn’t be missed. As such, this place should always be in the itinerary of anyone visiting France.

5.) Napoleon’s Arc de Triomphe

This was built in honor of the French military who fought alongside Napoleon, and this is one of France’s famous historic landmarks. Some say that if you don’t know your way around Paris, you could end up going around in circles in the Arc de Triomphe and never get out. They also say that you could get so confused which way to go because traffic is going around the arc.

6.) Disneyland

Paris, too, has a Disneyland of its own. It has the trademark rides, parades, fireworks display, and attractions all Disneyland theme parks are famous for. But, of course, there is still something that is uniquely France’s alone.

7.) Historic Normandy

Perhaps the most famous place in France when it comes to history is Normandy. Normandy has seen too many wars and fought too many battles for France. The most famous event here is the burning of Joan of Arc in 1431.

8.) Lourdes

The apparitions of the Blessed Virgin Mary during the 19th century to Bernadette Soubirous have made this place a popular destination for pilgrims and devotees of the Blessed Virgin Mary. As such, this place has also become a tourist destination. If you are a devotee of the Blessed Virgin Mary, then this place is for you.

9.) Musee d’Orsay

This magnificent museum of art found inside a railway station is a testimony of how much the French love and revere art. Because of this, they will impart this love to anyone and everyone who is interested. So, if you are an art lover, then head on to Musee d’Orsay.

10.) Vineyards

France is famous for its wine tours. You can take your pick from Alsace to Rhone Valley on which vineyards to visit where you can do a little wine tasting or perhaps even jump in and join grape harvesting. Truly a uniquely French experience!




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