Nairobi, Kenya’s capital city

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Landing at the Jomo Kenyatta international airport in Nairobi Kenya is an experience met with unique thrill and anxiety. Even for those whose purpose of travel has nothing to do with wildlife viewing, there is always unavoidable wildlife encounters right from the first turn to the city.

Located on the south of Nairobi, the airport was in the ancient years a free land where wild animals roomed freely. That is no doubt the reason why up to date, there are occasional wildlife encounters around these area. Not enough, few kilometers from the airport is the world’s only urban national park which offers untold wildlife experience within less than half an hour drive from the city center.


Nairobi Kenya
Nairobi Kenya


Welcome to Nairobi, Kenya’s capital city, once known as a green city under the sun. Its perfect geographical location has turned it into a world’s cosmopolitan with great opportunities and international interactions. Interestingly, with all the diverse opportunities that Nairobi has to offer, it is unfortunate to note that many lay terribly undiscovered.

For many, Nairobi is either somewhere to arrive and quickly transfer to another destination or for a place for a brief – often reluctant – overnight stop before going home or heading for game parks. In fact, most visitors arriving at Nairobi’s Jomo Kenyatta International Airport afterward transfer immediately to nearby Wilson Airport for their short flight to the bush, or pick up their safari van for the overland trip to their lodge or camp. And they do exactly the same in reverse on their way home.



Not only does Nairobi have great hidden treasures, there are also great attractions within reasonable distances that can be explored within a day or two for a reluctant vacationer. Already mentioned above, the world’s only wildlife capital – Nairobi national park. Covering 117 sq km, it is also East Africa’s oldest game park. It is its influence that makes it common to see giraffe or herds of antelope on your drive into the city.


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