Palazzo Viviani , Montegridolfo Italy

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A truly ancient castle dating back to medieval times, doomed to be a constant bone of contention through the centuries due to its unique strategic position. Situated right on the border between Romagna and Marche regions, Montegridolfo lies on the border of the lands belonging to two noble families, the Malatesta of Rimini and the Montefeltro, Lords of Urbino.


Palazzo VivianiCastello
Palazzo Viviani Castello

The lodging offer is varied: 54 rooms of a widespread hotel, inside the medieval walls. The Palazzo Viviani is divided into eight rooms, each with its own individuality, carefully preserved during the restoration work and then enhanced even more by the choice of furnishings.

The Castello di Montegridolfo offers its guests several culinary choices.

The elegant Ristoro di Palazzo Viviani: made out of the old wine cellars is warm and refined, very elegant and suggestive, a convivial experience.

As an alternative you might try the Osteria dell’Accademia, where recipes are inspired by the traditional local cuisine. In summer guests may dine on the panoramic terrace facing the hills, up to the sea.

Oven-cooked fish delicacies are served in the Grotta dei Gridolfi, sea osteria.

In the Piazzetta del Vecchio Forno guests may have pizza, outdoor in summer.

Deal Details

Four days inclusive of three nights in the Castello di Montegridolfo

In one of Palazzo Viviani’s wonderful Junior Suites

Unlimited free access to the beauty centre “La Bottega del Benessere”

Anti-stress massage with aromatic fragrant oils

Thai Foot Massage for the wellbeing of feet

“Spa Powder” treatment for two, products made with dried extracts of officinal herbs for the wellbeing of the whole body

Buffet Breakfast

All drinks from the minibar are free



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