Places one must visit in Norway

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Norway brings striking sceneries to its visitors for a stunning holiday. This country has diverse cities, amazing centers and sites rich in architectural and historical value. With a combination of beautiful museums and huge glaciers, Norway is an ideal holiday destination for both adventure and history lovers.


Oslo Norway Skyline
Oslo Norway Skyline

Below are some of the cities and places one must visit when holidaying in Norway:


Oslo is a remarkable Norwegian city that serves as a major tourist attraction for those holidaying in Norway. Tourists and visitors on their Norwegian holiday can enjoy visiting places like galleries and museums. The rich culture of this city can be seen in its attractions like the National Gallery, The Munch Museum, The Norwegian Folk Museum, and The Norwegian Museum of Applied Arts, Norwegian Home Front Museum, The Thor Heyerdahl Kon-Tiki Museum, Oslo City Museum and the Viking Ships Museum. This Norwegian city is also house to architectural rich attractions like the royal palace Kongelige Slott, the parliament building Stortinget and the Akershus castle.

Nidaros Cathedral, Trondheim

This tourist attraction is a fabulous building from the medieval times. Situated in Scandinavia, the building is considered as a national shrine in Norway. Tourists and visitors on their Norwegian holiday must visit this huge structure and see the beauty of this cathedral. Many parts of this attraction are decorated with religious, ornate biblical as well as royal stone statues. Those holidaying in Norway in the summer months can also enjoy crown jewels.




Ajostedal Glacier National Park

Tourist and visitors on a family Norwegian holiday can always visit this tourist attraction for their family vacation. This national park has a lot to offer from glaciers, waterfalls, museum to adventures like hiking, skiing and walking.


This Norwegian city is the cleanest Norwegian attraction and is a place worth visiting for those holidaying in Norway. Many tourists and visitors enjoy the city’s architecture and harbor with historical value. You can also witness amazing wooden buildings, the Norwegian oil museum, Rogaland Art Gallery and the Fish Cannery Museum. Those who appreciate history can enjoy this Norwegian city by strolling through the old town with its cobblestone walkways and 18th century houses.


Tromso is a major tourist attraction that offers a variety of things to enjoy for a great Norwegian holiday. From cultural activities, restaurants, bars, a brewery, museums to street music. The virtual planetarium here is a crowd puller and offers a visual delight.


Former Norwegian capital, Bergen is another favorite tourist attraction for many tourists and visitors holidaying in Norwegian. The most striking feature of this Norwegian city is the beautiful Bryggen buildings dating back to the 17th century. The town also has some historically rich galleries and museums with Bergen heritage and art.

Best time for a Norwegian holiday



Tourists and visitors holidaying in Norway prefer its late spring time for vacationing. An ideal holiday in Norway would be advised from the months of May to September.



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