Places to visit in Melbourne, Australia

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Melbourne boasts of great attractions that rope people in to take cheap flights to Melbourne from their hometowns. Exotic restaurants and bars are plenty in the town that serve fabulous food and wines. Along with being a highly sophisticated city, this pride of Australia is a populous one too. Extreme differences between the infrastructure and architecture can be pointed out throughout the metropolis.


melbourne  Australia
Melbourne at night

The town is famous for its art exhibitions and musical extravaganzas. Apart from the foresaid the main attractions of the place which are worth checking by all those preparing to visit the city are as follows:

Royal Botanic Gardens

This botanic garden which compels plenty of tourists from around the world to get Melbourne flights so as to come and visit it is an award winning one. It is often said that if one wants to experience the entire flora of the continent of Australia this is the place to be in. The place along with its extravagant collection of flora is home to beautiful landscapes, art and architecture. The special features that this garden offers are its ever changing exhibition gardens. The place highlights the beauty and diversity of the metropolis. Amazing displays of art are put up here from time to time thereby making it mandatory for all tourists to visit it.


National Sports Museum

The National Sports Museum is situated at the famous iconic Melbourne Cricket Ground. This museum is a must visit by all the sports loving persons who have booked flights to Melbourne. The place is the home to a huge collection of some 3500 sporting artifacts. Extensive multimedia displays are showcased in the museum, citing the greatest moments of the country’s sporting history. Some people who visit this place say, ‘It is more than just a museum which showcases the rich sporting traditions of the country’.

Ripon Lea Estate

This site is worth visiting by tourists boarding cheap flights to Melbourne. Situated in Elsternwick town, the place requires an amount between $3 and $30 as the entrance fees. Apart from being a historical site this place is officially declared as a heritage site of the conurbation. It is situated at about 20 minutes away from the heart of the city and is thus easily accessible. The attraction even consists of gardens which possess magnificent trees, a lake, sweeping lawns and an orchard which has over 100 types of fruits to offer.


This spot is basically a theme park in the metropolis. It is a place meant for both the puerile and the matured groups. For those who have decided on flights to Melbourne, a visit to this place is seriously recommended to enthrall in the experience of its Alpine Toboggan Slide. Along with a ride cum slide the park has four great water slides to offer its visitors. Go-karting, electrified bumper boats and mini golf games are the other features of fun that the park has to offer to its guests.


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