Places to visit in San Francisco

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Many are looking for economic travel deals to San Francisco. That isn’t difficult to do; you just need to know what to look for in travel websites and when to look at it. Hotels and airlines reduce their prices and propose great travel deals to San Francisco tourists all through off-peak months.

Travel websites are always look for methods to increase customers that’s why travel deals usually include air fare, hotel accommodations, meals, entertainment, and attractions at even more cut-rate prices than the normal discounted price originally proposed.


San Francisco
San Francisco

San Francisco, one of the most famed tourist destinations in the United States of America, offers so many fascinating icons worth seeing such as the:

-Golden Gate Bridge. This elaborate awe inspiring structure has been one of the most photographed architectural structures in the world. It has a 1.7-mile length and just about 120,000 cars drive across it on a daily basis. It has a pedestrian sidewalk that allows people to cross; bicycles are also allowed to pass through on the western side of the bridge.

-Alcatraz Island. This infamous former penitentiary is located on an island in San Francisco Bay. In this island incarceration of the United States’ most notorious offenders happened. An up to date visit to Alcatraz will definitely fascinate you. The visitors will have the opportunity to gain knowledge of the prison through the recorded cell house tools; guests are even allowed to travel around the building and the grounds.

-Fisherman’s wharf is a sea front market place that is also considered another famous attraction of the city.

This place is sure to gratify the travelers’ search for entertainment, shops, delicious food, and naval views. The west point of the wharf has been the residence of a group of California sea lions; guests flock the railing in close proximity to watch their clowning around. Ripley’s Believe It Or Not! and the Wax Museum are only a walk away from the wharf.


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