Places to visit in the Amalfi Coast Italy

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Italy’s Amalfi Coast is a place of outstanding natural beauty. It doesn’t represent a big amount of the Italian mainland, but it has more than its fair share of quaint little villages rich in culture and art. Because of this I feel the need to to suggest the best three places to discover when making your way on the Amalfi drive


Amalfi Coast
Amalfi Coast

The Grotta Dello Smeraldo
The Emerald Grotto, is truly one of the delights of the Amalfi Coast. It is a sea cavern situated in the bay of Conca dei Marini which is only a few of miles from Amalfi . The cave is filled with sea water, and can be accessed by hired boats. Visitors are constantly impressed by the spectacular emerald color viewed within the cave, which is caused by the normal refraction of sun through the sea.

Grotta Smeraldo


The Vibrant Alleys Of Positano
Positano has fast become thought the years one of the most popular places in southern Italy. Steep and narrow, little alleys go thought the village, and are flanked by houses in a wide range of pastel colors .The charming little streets are filled with scent and colors and are overlooked by the typical fisherman buildings which have been turned into colorful enchanting residences. House balconies often display flowering bougainvillea plants, which make the alleys even more beautiful.

Positano Italy

While walking along visitors will have lots of opportunities to go shopping, as Positano is well-known for its top notch boutiques.
Shoe shops are particularly prevalent. It is also highly recommended to sample the regional cuisine in the town’s typical restaurants, several of which offer spectacular ocean views.

The Amalfi Coast provides the ideal weather for growing orange and lemon trees, and as a result lemons can be found in a lot of Positano recipes. Lemons also often feature on the professionally hand made and decorated ceramic plates which visitors to the area can never resist purchasing.
Positano ceramics provide a lasting and very creative memento of a visit to Positano.


Atrani Amalfi Coast Italy
Atrani Amalfi Coast Italy


The Romantic Island Of Capri

The isle of Capri is situated not far from the shoreline, and can therefore be very easily reached from the Amalfi Coast. You can reach the isle of Capri by ferryboat from Sorrento, Naples and Positano. For the most demanding vacationers there are also private speed boats for rent.
As Capri has improved in popularity as a tourist destination it has also gathered a reputation as being an incredibly romantic Italian destination. Part of the reason for this is the scenic beauty displayed.


capri Beaches

The isle of Capri is home to the Grotta Azzurra, which is a sea cave as enchanting as the Emerald Grotto mentioned before. It is impossible to describe with words the incredible atmosphere provided by the Grotto, but the vistas from the hillsides of the isle are just as awe inspiring. In Capri there is a considerable variety of charming and luxurious hotels as well as famous restaurants and cafes.
A stroll around the Isle will reveal remarkable corners of Paradise including colorful alleys, botanic treasures, marvelous villas superb little beaches and Roman remains.

These examples represent just a few of the things to see and do on the Amalfi Coast. Visits to these locations will without doubt offer you an opportunity to unwind, and will be fascinating and memorable.