Popular places to visit in Namibia

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Many people are tired of traditional vacation destinations and therefore are looking for new places to explore. If you cannot decide what exotic place to visit, consider going to Namibia. This African country is full of great contrasts. It has breathtaking landscapes, multifarious wildlife and also a unique cultural and historical heritage. This country offers exciting tours for all types of travelers.


Namibia desert Africa
Namibia desert Africa

Here is a list of the most popular Namibia tours.

Family Tours. Despite popular beliefs, Namibia is a safe country to visits. It is a perfect destination for family vacation. Both parents and kids will have excellent time while staying in this African country. Family tours offer a wide range of interesting and safe activities, such as sand boating, balloon trips, camping and wildlife watching. Most hotels have vast territories, so there is much place for children to run and play.

Cultural Tours. Choosing these tours is recommended for the travelers interested in the everyday life of local people. A cultural tour will help get close to the cultural heritage of Namibia. While visiting local villages travelers will explore the life of various Namibian tribes and discover the peculiarities of their lifestyle, traditions and food preferences. Namibian people are very friendly, so you will have wonderful time socializing with them.

Wildlife tours. By joining a wildlife tour or traditional Namibian safari, you will visit national parks and observe the life of various wild animals (leopards, lions, elephants, hyenas, antelopes, etc.) in their natural environment. The feelings and emotions you will get on a wildlife tour have nothing to do with ordinary zoo visits. Among the most popular wildlife tour destinations is Etosha National Park which is a home of a striking variety of species. Many tourists are fond of visiting Damaraland desert. This is the homeland of magnificent desert elephants, which are under a strict governmental protection.

Walking Tours. While choosing a walking tour you will discover the wonders of the Namib desert and visit some of the most wild and remote areas of Namibia. You will enjoy breathtaking landscapes and unique desert wildlife. The Namib Desert is famous for its vast territory and unusual flora and fauna species that are not found in other areas of the world.

Overland Tours. These are the longest tours which may last up to one hundred nights, thus they are suitable for tourists who plan to spend several months in Namibia. Overland tours combine features of several tours, because they allow visiting various countries, observing African scenery, wildlife and everyday life of local tribes.

With such a great variety of tours and activities, everyone can choose something to his/her taste and enjoy staying in this beautiful African country.



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