Pablo Picasso

Visiting New York City Museums

This is Metropolis. This is Gotham City. This is New York City, this is the one all the other cities wish they were—”the only real city-city,” as Truman Capote put it. Its skyscrapers loom above canyon-like streets, where some 8.3 million New Yorkers go about their daily business. They say it’s the capital of the world … few disagree that it is the capital of the art world. For a superficial glimpse of its mind-boggling offers, make a visit to its three heavy hitters—and an insider’s favorite.

Art and Architecture At Its Best in Spain

Spain may conjure up pictures of sun loungers, sandcastles and beer, but arguably the best thing about the country is its incredible collection of art. Salvador Dali, Pablo Picasso and Diego Velazquez were all born here, and a luxury holiday in Spain, tailor-made to explore the best of Spanish art, is the ideal way to explore this country’s impressive galleries and remarkable architecture.