The beautiful Island of Medeira Portugal

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Madeira Portugal is one of the popular tourist spot consisting of European culture, mountains and lots of water. The island known for its rich European culture and fantastic weather is surrounded with tourists and visitors from every part of the world. The beautiful and amazing tourist spots and attractions available on the island tend to make the holiday in Madeira a lot more fun. Situated in north east of the huge Atlantic Ocean, Madeira Island has a lot more to offer than water, beaches, sand, mountains and breathtaking landscapes. Following are some the things to do and see when holidaying in Madeira:


Madeira Portugal
Madeira Portugal

Madeira beaches

When holidaying in Madeira, visiting the amazing beaches of Madeira is always a good idea. Loaded with great water sports and sandy experience to add to your holiday, the island is quite famous in summer time among tourists and visitors. Due to its pebbly surface the island also has lots of cliffs for those walks and hikes with friends or family

Hiking levada trails – pico das pedras

Following the path of Levadas, mountains and trails leading to Laurrisilva forests, the island has remarkably good hiking courses or trails. These trails are unmistakably an adventure in themselves on a holiday in Madeira. Usually tourists or visitors found on these trails are family members or friends picnicking on the cliffs and high attitudes.

Monte Palace Tropical Garden
Monte Palace Tropical Garden


This area of Madeira Island has scenery of beautiful and most remarkably designed thatches houses shaped triangularly. The whole architecture of these triangular looking houses comes from 16ht century and is based on sole purpose of protecting them, from the abundant rain. The valley with lots of greenery, willow tress, nature rich scenery, fruits and vegetables is something one should not miss when holidaying in Madeira.


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