The best Beaches of Maui

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Maui is an island in the Pacific belonging to the State of Hawaii. It is a premier destination for fun in the sun, besides the many other activities. Maui offers unbelievably beautiful beaches and postcard perfect sunsets. In this article I am going to review some of Maui’s best beaches to give you an idea of what to expect when you come here.


Maui Beaches
Maui Beaches


The islands laid back style, family friendly facilities, year round warm climate, Polynesian charm and entertainment make it the top choice for sun seekers from all over the world, and here is why ….

Number 1: Hamoa Beach

Hamoa Beach is my personal favorite. Its location at the east side of the island close to Hana protects the beach somewhat from the influx of the tourist hordes. The beach is among the favorite beaches of Islanders who tend to hang out around this area. Parking is somewhat of a gamble, since there aren’t really any parking spots. You have to be creative and make sure the school bus will still be able to pass through after you found a spot at the curb.

Hamoa Beach does not have a coral reef protecting it from the waves and the steepness of the beach as it drops into the water make for perfect waves. This is an ideal opportunity to try body surfing.

Body surfing is a form of surfing without a surfboard. All you do is catch the wave and start to paddle while it carries you away on your belly (it helps to have a little bit of a belly like me). If the waves are really strong, be prepared to hit the beach (see photo of me bodysurfing). It is the most fun I ever had on the beach and this is another reason Hamoa came in first. After just a few wave rides I was exhausted and my shorts contained about two shovels of sand. Since I hit the beach head on a couple of times, I was pulling the fine salt and pepper sand out of the skin of my skull for a few weeks after being back in California.


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