The best Beaches of Maui

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The waters are shallow and calm as well as crystal clear. The sunsets from this location are also spectacular (first picture in this article). You can lounge in one of the hotel restaurants and watch the sun set ending a perfect day in Maui.

At night you can stroll along this beach under palm trees and listen to gentle ocean waves. During the day it is a perfect playground for families with small children or for that relaxing day you dream about all year long.

Number 4: Black Rock

Black Rock is not really a beach. It splits Kahekili Beach and Kaanapali Beach into two separate beaches. The ancient Polynesian inhabitants believed that Black Rock was the point from which their souls left our world by jumping into the ocean. In this tradition each night during a ceremony torches are lit and a young man jumps from the rock into the waters below.

If you are in the area, you should come here before sunset and stick around to await this spectacle. It is a totally different way to experience an unforgettable sunset and thus, Black Rock has been given the honor of Number 4 even though it is not a Beach per definition.

Number 5: Beaches of South Maui

There are plenty of outstanding Beaches in South Maui. Many of them are so good, that I had a hard time assigning Numbers 3, 4, and 5. You may very well visit Maui and like the beaches here much better than the ones ranked higher.

There are in fact so many smaller beaches here, that it would be confusing to list them all. The book is an excellent guide if you are looking to do some beach hopping. South Maui’s beaches all face west. They are therefore ideal for that sunset picture or for weddings at the beach. Every time I have been to Maui, I have seen at least one beach wedding at one of the beaches in South Maui.


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