Top sightseeing sites in Milan Italy

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Are you looking for top sightseeing sites in Milan Italy? Milan, otherwise known as Milano is not always the first city when it comes to touring Italy. But, the city has many things to offer as attractions for tourists. To be more specific, she is highly popular for her history.

The city is known for her workaholic reputation. Yes, she is standing as the business and money center of Italy. Further, the city is popular for her influential past and rich cultural heritage.

Do you know that great names in the history like Leonardo Da Vinci, Michelangelo, Giorgio Armani and Enrico Caruso lived and worked in this city?

skyline milan Italy

If you are planning a vacation in this city, you should remember that most shops and businesses in this city close in August. The reason is that this is the hottest season of Italy. So, most proprietors and locals go on holidays to other countries during this month every year. With these things said, let us now know the top sightseeing sites in Milan Italy:

1. The Duomo:

As the Duomo, the cathedral is located in the heart of the city she is generally the first stop when visiting Milan. You should never miss out wandering among the statues, spires and also walk on the roof to get breathtaking panoramic views.

The Duomo

You will be blown away by the great white marble façade at this cathedral at Milan. History says that it took many centuries to build this cathedral and it was also recently restored to make it more impressive.

If you wish to explore the interiors of this cathedral, you should dress appropriately. Yes, you should cover your legs and arms completely. Otherwise, you will not be allowed to get into the cathedral.

To make your visit to the Duomo more meaningful, it is better to have an audio guide trip. Never forget to get a glimpse of the stained-glass windows behind the choir. If you visit at the right time, you can take part in the concerts and festivals hosted by the cathedral at the large front square

2. Galleria Vittorio Emanuele:

Galleria Vittorio Emanuele

If you wish to get both shopping and sightseeing experience, you should visit this place. This is the glass and iron covered gallery of the 18th century. You should get a glimpse of the huge central dome at this place. Also, never forget to look down to get a view of the emblems on the mosaic floor. They represent the cities of Turin, Florence, Roma, and, of course, Milan.


Build in the late 1800s; this place is one of the oldest covered shopping malls in the entire world. The architecture is something that attracts people and of course, the shopping opportunities need a mention here. You can find some of the world’s popular brands in this mall.

As it is used as the meeting place for most locals, it is stated at the Drawing Room of Milan. You will find a mosaic bull under the central doom in this mall. Try turning on your heel over this bull, it is believed to bring you good luck.

3. La Scala:

Once you visit the Duomo, La Scala is just a walk away. This is the most popular opera house of Milan opened in 1778. You can get to see some of the world’s best orchestras and singers in this opera house. Even, if you cannot book a ticket to a concert, the best thing you can do is to visit the Museo Teatrale Alla Scala, which is a museum. In this museum, you can visit one of the boxes, where you can look down on the stage. But, you might not be able to get into the box; in this case, you can check the board outside.

La Scala

The La Scala is designed in the neoclassical style. The design was done by architect Giuseppe Piermarini. The excellent acoustics makes this gold and red theater, the most attractive. This arrangement helps in showcasing the real abilities of a singer. This is why performance at this place is viewed as a trial by Fire.

The musical season begins early in December each year and runs through May. However, it is often hard to find tickets. The best method you can follow to get tickets is through your hotel concierge service. However, you can also check at the box office for tickets.

4. The Last Supper:

If you love artworks, you might surely have heard about ‘The last supper’ from Leonardo Da Vinci. This work of Da Vinci covers the entire wall in the former dining hall attached to the Santa Maria Delle Grazie. Tickets to visit this place should be bought a month in advance.

The Last Supper

Also, to bring down deterioration, admission is strictly restricted to just 25 people. This happens once in every 15 minutes on a daily basis. Before or after visiting the Last Supper, never forget to visit the church itself. The church is known for the attractive Renaissance architecture, painting and frescoes.

Even though 21 years were spent for restoring the painting, it gives just some hints of its original glory. However, its artistry is so great such that viewing it is still the most moving and powerful experience during your visit to the Milan.

5. The Golden Triangle:

If you are interested in shopping, you should visit the most popular shopping streets of Milan named The Golden Triangle. This place is the home for the country’s most popular designer shops. Even, if you are not into shopping, you should visit this place to view the excellent window displays.

The Golden Triangle

Otherwise called as Golden Quadrilateral and as Quadrilatero d’Oro, this place is the home for many city blocks as well. They are ornamented with neoclassical architecture to bring you an eye-filling experience.

In short, these top sightseeing sites in Milan Italy will truly make your vacation refreshing. You will get the rejuvenation needed to get back to your regular work after reaching your hometown.

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