Valley of the Kings: Tomb of Ramses II

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The Valley of the Kings is the resting place for Ramses II one of the most important emperors of Ancient Egypt. All his tomb have suffered from inclement weather and flooded more than seven times by groundwater. This is why it currently remains closed to the public. To enter the tomb you must descend a ramp and then go down the stairs. The images recorded on the walls belong to the Book of Amduat.

The same appears to structure the grave in twelve similar spaces correspond to the hours defined in the book. In the other chambers and corridors that make up the tomb of Ramses II, can be seen various pictures of other Egyptian sacred books, including the famous Book of the Dead.


Tomb of Ramses II
Tomb of Ramses II

The flooding severely damaged many of the paintings and engravings of the corridors and the main camera, the remains of pharaoh were moved to the Cairo Museum, to be appreciated by visitors and last for posterity. The tomb is currently inaccessible, but renovation and conservation work being carried out until proven absolutely safe for visitors, will remain one of those mysteries that we would see with our own eyes.

The Valley of the Kings

The Valley of the Kings is a great site which contains the tombs of many pharaohs, kings, queens and members of the nobility, and also animals of ancient Egypt. It is part of the so-called Ancient Thebes now called Luxor with their respective cemeteries, being declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1979 was popularly known to the Egyptians by the name of Ta-Sekhet-ma’at.

These tombs involve large developments within the cultural and historical insight of Old Egypt, which does not possess much information, given their age. In each tomb is a new story to discover whether the identity of the buried, their status within the social pyramid of the moment, and the meaning of the paintings that surround it, which gradually contribute new data to understand this great empire. Par excellence, the most famous tomb of Valley is the tomb of Tutankhamun , one of the most controversial and fascinating stories of the Egyptian pharaohs.


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