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Germany’s largest city, Berlin is an exciting treasure-trove of history, art, and modern-day events set in an urban landscape teeming with beauty and cultural appeal. As Germany’s capital, the city has enjoyed ambitious construction projects that showcase brilliant architecture and distinctive design. Traveling to Berlin is a rich experience filled with a myriad of places to visit and landmarks to see. The subsequent article conveys some must-see destinations within the city of Berlin.

Brandenburg Gate



Berlin is famous for its architecture. But one site that must be seen is the Fernsehturm located in Alexanderplatz. This television tower is the second tallest building in the European Union. Visitors to Berlin will want to take advantage of the stunning city views from high above on the buildings observation level.

Located between St. Mary’s Church and Rotes Rathhaus, the famous Neptun Fountain is a magnificent fountain that was built in 1891. This incredible mythological display features four carved women surrounding a stature of Poseidon, or Neptun. The women represent Germany’s major rivers which are the Elbe, Vistula, Oder, and Rhine.

The renowned Brandenburg Gate is featured on many tours of the city and should not be missed as it is one of the city’s most important landmarks. Its construction was completed in 1791 and the structure served as one of the gates to the city. It is the only surviving gate and is now one of the city’s most beloved treasures.

Situated near theis the Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe, which is one of the city’s most visited destinations and is considered to be among the Berlin’s finest memorials. Many visitors also find it a memorable excursion to visit the historic Berlin Wall. A section of the wall exists on the Spree River to the east of the city.

There are 153 museums in the city of Berlin and while it may not be possible to see them all on a single visit, there are that should not be missed. The most logical place to begin a museum tour is on Museum Island which is a large island located in the Spree River. One of the island’s most famous museums is Altes Museum, sometimes referred to as the Old Museum. Home to many fine historic antiques, this neoclassical building was constructed to house the art collections of the royal Prussian family.

Completed in 1904, the breathtaking Bode Museum has recently been restored to host a glorious Byzantine collection of art, medals, and sculpture. It’s location on the island makes it easy to visit and well worth a trip. With an emphasis on the Byzantine Christian Orient, the famed museum also boasts some late German Gothic collections that viewers find marvelous to behold.


Home to the reconstructed Ishtar Gate, the Pergamon Museum of Museum Island features some of the world’s most treasured antiquities. German archaeological excavations of places like Babylon, Miletus, Uruk, and Egypt unearthed tremendous stores of artifacts from the ancient world. This museum should not be missed by anyone interested in history of the world’s earliest civilizations.

Berlin at night
Berlin at night



Opera lovers will be charmed by the city’s three primary opera houses: the Berlin State Opera, Komische Opera, Deutsche Opera. The city also boasts seven symphony orchestras featuring some of the finest musicians in the world. In fact, one of the world’s leading orchestras is the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra which was founded in 1892. Catching a Berlin performance would be a memorable culmination for any trip to the city.


Berlin is also home to one of the world’s most eminent zoos, the Zoologischer Garten Berlin. The zoo is home to the greatest diversity of species in the world. Founded in 1844, the zoo along with its aquarium and famed botanical garden is a must-see destination on any trip to Berlin. Home to more than 14,000 animals, the zoo presents a stunning array of zoological life.

Of course, when time permits, travelers should plan to visit the various boroughs of the city which all over distinctive character and feature their own unique landmarks, galleries, restaurants, and hotels. Topping the list of important Berlin neighborhoods is Mitte. The city’s historical center, Mitte is the most popularly visited area of Berlin and additionally boasts great café life and fine restaurants.

Schoneberg is known for its Bohemian atmosphere and excellent weekend markets. With a wide assortment of clubs, cafes, and casual venues, this neighborhood provides tourists with a chance to see day to day life in Berlin. Other neighborhoods with a special flair include Charlottenburg, Friedrichstain-Kreuzberg, and Zehlendorf.

Berlin is a vibrant European capital that offers world-class hotels as well as more relaxed bed and breakfasts. There are events and venues to suit any taste and budget. Although these list just a few of the highlights, there is a plethora of architecture, art, and other cultural attractions that can easily be included on any tour of the city.

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