Visit the best South African Beaches

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South Africa is on the rise as one of the top vacation destinations in the world, due to the multiculturalism, the wildlife, & of course the beaches, some of which are year-around. There is plenty of different activities that each of the South African beaches offers, most of them limited to a certain beach. Some of the most amazing South African beaches are: Durban is the port city of KwaZulu/Natal.


South Africa Beaches
South Africa Beaches

It is famous for the signature South African multiculturalism & modern sophistication. Durban has a variety of beaches, all of them lively & colorful. & even after hours, the beaches are filled with entertainment.

The beaches are Blue Flag rated & excellent family vacation venues. Mdumbe Beach (Wild Coast) This beach has its very own charm, being a piece of heavenly tranquility, seemingly untouched by the hand of man, surrounded by a well-developed region. There are long expanses of beach that have never been visited, surrounded by the African rural life & grasslands. It is a piece of Heaven on Earth.

Cape Town South Africa
Cape Town South Africa

Jeffrey’s Bay This is the surf capital of South Africa. There will always be a ‘wave’ of surfers waiting to catch the right wave to make their day. This is the venue for the annual Billabong Pro WCT surfing event where all the big league surfers come to show off their skill on massive waves. A great family destination, especially if you love sea food. Cape Town The first thing you do, when you land on a coastline city, is hit the beaches. & Cape Town provides you with a variety of beautiful, world-class beaches to choose from.

These beaches are a great point to relax, sunbathe & for beach sports. & are also very geographically significant; the warm Indian Ocean & the cooler Atlantic Ocean come together at Cape Point. So, as soon you land, hit the beaches for a relaxing, refreshing experience to kick-start your vacation. Gaansbaai These beaches are famous for almost daily encounters with great white sharks yet remain one of the most frequented beaches by tourists due to the beautiful backdrop of mountains & of course, the beautiful white sand.

This is a great place for a family vacation, or even a little time away from the world. Willard Beach The main attraction in the list of KwaZulu/Natal beaches, this is a great spot to bring the kids along. There is a variety of watersports to enjoy & of course, an amazing blend of seafood & beach ambience would set the mood for a romantic evening.

Cape Vidal This is one of the few coastal regions of South Africa that have managed to stay off the list of the bulk of the tourists, even though it is one of the most beautiful regions. Calm & peaceful, & completely eco-friendly, the beach is a great spot for a relaxing vacation, away from the hustle of everyday life. South African beaches are the place to spend your vacation, be it with family or with just your special someone. These beaches provide ample means of entertainment, watersports for the adventurous & serenity for the peace-loving soul.



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