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We all know Japan as one of the most powerful nations located in South East Asia who had the courage to stand against the mighty USSR, but we hardly knew that this small country has a lot of potential when it comes to tourism. Though, Japan does not make many attempts to attract world travelers to its famous cities like Kyoto and Tokyo there are many travelers across the world who are very much interested in learning more about Japanese art, culture and their day to day lifestyle which makes them one of the unique personalities on planet Earth.


Tokyo Skyline
Tokyo Skyline

When it comes to tourism in Tokyo there are more Japanese people from other parts of the Japan than international visitors. Hence, in other words, Tokyo earns a lot of tourism income through domestic tourism rather than international tourism. There are more than 400 million people from other parts of Japan who come to checkout Tokyo every year and compare to this there are only 4 million international tourists who prefer to checkout Tokyo. One of the main reasons for this is the rising cost of the city. Tokyo is undoubtedly the number one city when it comes to cost of living.

Another reason could be that most of the banners and information around Tokyo is written in Japanese scripture which makes it very difficult for the international tourists to communicate or ask any questions regarding the destination or any other food items.

However, Tokyo is packed with a lot of destinations that you can visit. If you love the sea food that you should take a walk to Tsukiji Fish Market which is considered to be one of the best and busiest fish market in Japan. The city of Tokyo is divided into wards and therefore the best way to travel Tokyo is to checkout the places ward wise because that would really cut the confusion out of the equation and you will be able to travel different places. T


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