5 Places to visit in Tokyo Japan

Tokyo is the capital of Japan and pride of Asia. This international city is the financial nerve of the global world. It is the symbol of rising Japan from the ashes of atomic fallout. Its grandeur is the focus of millions of international tourists around the world. Read on to find the top 5 tourist landmarks in Tokyo:

A great city for fun Tokyo

Tokyo has gained the reputation of being one of the most amazing and splendid tourist spot. Over the years, Tokyo was famous as the financial center. However, now along with being one of the most busy business hubs, it has also come across as major tourist hub. The city has witnessed immense growth and development, but has successfully maintained its aura and charm and that distinguishes it from its other counterparts.

The wealth of cultural diversity of Japan

Japan is notably one of the best destinations in Asia, if not one of the better know. Japanese culture has found its way throughout the world and common cultural items are recognized just about everywhere. Getting to vacation where these popular trends came from is like a dream come true. The wealth of cultural diversity is almost dizzying and its not hard to find something for every type of traveler.