5 Places to visit in Tokyo Japan

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Tokyo is the capital of Japan and pride of Asia. This international city is the financial nerve of the global world. It is the symbol of rising Japan from the ashes of atomic fallout. Its grandeur is the focus of millions of international tourists around the world. Read on to find the top 5 tourist landmarks in Tokyo:



Tokyo Sky Tree
Tokyo Sky Tree

1. Tokyo Skytree

Tokyo Skytree is the tallest structure in Japan and is one of the revolving restaurants located in Asia. This structure is based on a combination of futuristic design  and traditional ideas in Japan. The tower also gives a beautiful panoramic view of the Tokyo skyline. Due to the frequent earthquakes in the region, the Tokyo Skytree is earthquake resistant and strong enough to withstand any structural damage.

2. Tokyo Imperial Palace

Japan was one of the regional powers of Asia in the 19th century. The majestic Tokyo imperial palace is a symbol of national pride and majesty. This estate is counted among one of the most valuable pieces of land on earth. The architectural talent of the Japanese culture can be discerned by just eyeing the Tokyo imperial palace. The lawns and gardens inside the palaces are immaculately maintained. Even after decades and witnessing two world wars, the palace structure has seldom changed.

Tokyo Imperial Palace
Tokyo Imperial Palace


3. Rainbow Bridge

Want to enjoy a display of futuristic colors? Head on to rainbow bridge in the evening. The bridge is pure white in color and its concept is to harmonize it with the Tokyo skyline. The rainbow colors owes itself to the thousands of small lamps placed on the wires supporting the bridge. The fascinating thing is that it is powered by solar energy stored during the day and not by conventional energy. What an efficient, creative and innovative idea!

4. Tokyo National Museum

TNM or Tokyo national museum is the largest museum in Japan and is one of the most well- stocked around the world. This museum store and preserves thousands of artifacts related to ancient Japan. The star attractions include stone statues and traditional wear of the people and warriors in particular.

5. Miraikan

Japan is well-known for futuristic concepts. The Miraikan or national museum of emerging science and innovation, the future museum. The attractions include a live seismometer, which shows the gentle vibration across the country by a live data feed. Real time global weather patterns, ocean temperatures are displayed as well.

Japan is the symbol of hope, power and nothing displays it better than its capital city Tokyo. Tour and Travel Packages for Tokyo allows you to witness the future in the making.





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