Tokyo: A beautiful modern metropolis

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Beautiful Tokyo is the capital city of Japan and also one of the world’s most populated metropolises. Cheap flight tickets to Tokyo offer visitors almost unlimited choices for entertainment, shopping, dining, and culture.


Tokyo at night
Tokyo at night


The appealing history of this city can be traced back to Asakasu, one of the famous districts, and in the many excellent choices of gardens, historic temples, and museums. Tokyo is one of the biggest cities in the world and going by the latest trends, it consists of many places that rightfully preserve the tradition, culture and the beautiful nature of this place in each of the seasons.


Experience the Traditional Culture of Japan

The National Theater of Tokyo is the best choice to enjoy the traditional performing arts of this city. With cheap tickets to Tokyo, the visitors can watch and enjoy kendo at the Nippon Budokan Budo Gakuen as well as judo at the Kodokan Judo Institute all free of charge. Zazen programs can also be enjoyed in many of the temples across the city for less than 500 yen.

In addition to this, programs to experience the Japanese flower arrangement and kimono can also be experienced if you take flights to Tokyo. Visitors can also indulge in rakugo and other Japanese traditional entertainment at halls such as Asakusa, Ueno, and Shinjuku.
Nightlife of Tokyo

Tokyo has many nightclubs  Roppongi and Shibuya that are some of the city’s most happening hotspots to enjoy music, dance, discos etc. With flights to Tokyo, you can enjoy numerous night clubs in Shibuya, Roppangi, Shinjuku, Koenji and Asagaya that offer an array of live music entertainment shows like soul music of the 50’s pop music, rock music, western and country music.

Parks & Gardens

You can enjoy a large number of parks and historical gardens. These gardens usually offer the visitors a choice to enjoy the nature in all the seasons like azaleas, cherry blossoms, plums, morning glories, maples and chrysanthemums. Moreover, many of the special events related to the Japanese culture according to the seasons are organized in these gardens.

Other Places of Attraction

In  Tokyo  you can visit a large number of shrines and historical temples such as In the Meiji Jingu Shrine that offers a distinguished history of the city. With cheap flights to Tokyo, these places attract the largest number of visitors in Japan and where no admission charge is required. The observatories of Tokyo Metropolitan Government Buildings command a truly panoramic view of central Tokyo.

Admission is generally free of charge at the many of the public organizations such as East Gardens of the Imperial Palace, the Police Museum, and the Currency Museum of the Bank of Japan, Tokyo Metropolitan Government Buildings and the Tokyo Stock Exchange.



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