Visiting Cordoba Argentina

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Cordoba is the second largest city in Argentina and a home to over one and a half million people. Surrounded by valleys and greenery with a colonial architectural scene in the heart of the city, Cordoba is a major tourist destination for Latin Americans and globe trotters around the world.

Cordoba Argentina
Cordoba Argentina

The blend of modern deco iconic buildings and colonial architectures add a scenic beauty to the city of Cordoba. The city is the leasing hub next to Buenos Aires for technology, electronics and softwares. The pleasant climate all year around is awesome for shopping and sightseeing around the city. The city experiences sunny days on winters and chilly nights during summer adding a tropical bliss to the Cordoba climate.

Yellow taxis and green carriages are an excellent way to get around the Cordoba sights and the panoramic views on top of green hills and valleys. The popular jammed city in traffic allows you to rent bikes to get about easily and hassle free. Rent a bike and stroll through the narrow alleys and city streets to admire the spectacular sights in the city center.

Numerous colonial churches and cathedrals are in the vicinity at the heart of the city. Other famous buildings in sight are Palacio Ferreyra, Palacio Municipal, Cabildo, Palacio de Justicia, Monument of Myriam Stefford, Monument of Velez Sarsfield and Banco de la Provincia de Cordoba. Pay a visit to this amazing city to capture a sight of colonial beauty.

Museums are abundant yet clustered all around the city housing a variety of all kinds. Museu Iberoamericano de Artesanians exhibits folk art of Latin American Indian pieces while the Museo de Arte Religioso Juan de Tejeda is the best for displaying religious art. Pay a visit to a castle converted in to a museum exhibiting modern art of the century at Centro de Arte Contemporaneo Chateau Carreras. Some of the well known science museums in the city are Museo de la Anatomia, Museo de Cicencias Naturales, Museo de Zoologia and Museo de Antropologia. Historic museums to know the mysteries and interesting histories are Museo Historica Marques de Sobremonte and Museo Banco de Provinicia de Cordoba. Enjoy the visit to Argentina with us.

The city of Cordoba manifests a rich culture with festivals and parades attracting hundreds of visitors during the summer. Dont miss out the famous theatre festival held once in two years – Festival de Teatro del Mercosur. Being Argentina’s most famous theatre festival, it brings out a series of colourful and captivating events where you can experience theatre, art exhibitions and musicals.

The city has a good taste for sports and an awesome destination for adventure seekers. Soccer, basketball, mountain biking and hockey are quite the famous four sports in the city with an invitation to try out the other adventures and thrilling sport rides.

The city is best for retail therapy with a selection of great outlets and boutiques. Some of the famous ones in the city are Patio Olmos and Garden Shopping, Dinosaurio Mall and Cordoba Shopping and Nuevo Centro Shopping.

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