West Palm Beach Has Come A Long Way

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Historically, West Palm Beach was founded to provide a place where the servants of the residents of Palm Beach proper could reside when they were done with their daily duties in the tony mansions that line the slender island of Palm Beach itself. Those days as a slip for servants is long, long gone. Of course, the island of Palm Beach remains one of the toniest addresses in the world. But, in the 21st century, West Palm Beach has come into its own both with stunning residences as well as with a vibrant entertainment, cultural and recreational scene.


City Place
City Place


In glancing at entertainment opportunities in West Palm, there is an amazing array of restaurants and bistros that serve a stellar selection of menus. From more casual ethnic fare to the very best in fine dining, dining out in West Palm is a palate pleasing experience across the board.


West Palm Beach Marina



In addition, the nightlife scene in West Palm draws people from all across South Florida – and that includes partiers from the well established Ft. Lauderdale and MiamiMiami Beach club course. West Palm sports some of the hottest clubs to hit Florida in the past generation.

Of course, as is the case throughout South Florida, West Palm is a paradise when it comes to recreational opportunities. The white sand beaches of West Palm are incredible and offer a resident or visitor the chance to do everything from luxuriate in the sun to engage in a whole host of water sports. Sailing and boating are prime pastimes in West Palm as well.


Clematis Avenue
Clematis Avenue


Culturally, West Palm is a gem as well. There are numerous art galleries lining the avenues of the city. In addition, there are a number of major points of interest dedicated to the unique and interesting history of the region – including sites dating back to the point in time when Florida was part and parcel of the Spanish Empire.


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