Western Canada Is The Optimal Heli Skiing Destination

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Heli skiing, also known as helicopter skiing, is a sport for people who love adventure in a natural setting. Canada is known to be one of the countries which established heli skiing, and currently houses some of the best heli skiing opportunities in the world. Most operators are based in western Canada, nestled in the gorgeous and massive Rocky Mountains. The history of heli skiing begins here, and to this day the search for the perfect run continues as experienced guides will lead you on your own heli skiing experience.


Heli Skiing
Heli Skiing


There are several factors that have contributed to the rise in popularity of this extreme sport in Canada, which attracts visitors from all over the world. The unique terrain in heli skiing requires steep and rough, snow covered surfaces such as the mountains, or cold places with rolling hills. This western area in Canada has mountains with alpine glacier trees that are rooted along the steep mountain side with gaps between trees that create natural chutes, providing optimal runs and passage ways. Remember that there are no flags or ski patrol, just untouched natural mountain side. Experience is required, as those uncomfortable with ‘black diamond’ runs at traditional resorts may want to get more practice, and remember, again, you are very isolated on the mountain.

But it is also possible to arrange guided sessions with many of the better heli skiing operators.

Despite or because of the challenges, several factors have made heli skiing a favorite place for visitors all over the world. The area of Canada offers a unique landscape, temperature and precipitation combination that equals the ultimate ski environment. Few places on earth allow snow to build up on such steep terrain thick and uncompressed enough to provide a base known as powder. This soft surface provides a unique experience compared to the traditional surface hills with machine groomed or artificially created snow bases. These powder base conditions allow for participants to make the most out of a long decline down the mountain side.


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