Surfing the Canadian Pacific Coast

It was 7:50 a.m. on a misty winter morning as I danced the can-can in an effort to wrangle my wetsuit over my limbs. Once I was suited up, I added a shot of Baileys Irish Cream to my coffee—for liquid courage—and stepped onto the sand for my 8:00 a.m. surf lesson on Canada’s West Coast in Tofino, British Columbia, five hours from Vancouver.

A great cosmopolitan city Vancouver, Canada

Metropolitan Vancouver is Canada’s third largest city and one of the world’s most livable cities. This western most city is situated right where the gorgeous western mountain peaks meet the beautiful green waters of the Pacific Ocean. It is blessed with panoramic views, tranquil ambiance, snow capped mountains and a perfect picturesque setting. The deepwater harbor of Burrard Inlet is framed by the often snowcapped Coast Mountains.

Visit Beautiful Canada

Canada is a beautiful country and there are many wonderful hotels in Canada to stay at. Canada is the second largest country in the world, after Russia, and the country spans from the Pacific to the Atlantic oceans. Hotels in Canada can be found in every city and town. The country has such varied scenery and climate that it is worth it to travel to as many parts as possible.

Top Tourist attractions in Canada

Canada is the perfect blend of old and new. Treat yourself on holidays to Canada by visiting the popular tourist attractions of the destination. Find the list of Popular tourist attractions in Canada here. Ten provinces and three special provinces spread out over some four million square miles of undiluted entertainment and fun – this …

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Places to visit in Vancouver Canada

As the largest city in Western Canada and blessed with a wonderful location and mild winter climate, Vancouver is always perfect for vacations. Its festive mood all-year round make for an ideal holiday destination. Vancouver has ranked highly in the worldwide “liveable city” rankings for more than a decade according to business magazine assessments and …

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Western Canada Is The Optimal Heli Skiing Destination

Heli skiing, also known as helicopter skiing, is a sport for people who love adventure in a natural setting. Canada is known to be one of the countries which established heli skiing, and currently houses some of the best heli skiing opportunities in the world. Most operators are based in western Canada, nestled in the …

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Four Season Of Fun: Mount Washington Is A Gold Mine Of Adventures

Mount Washington endless adventure. These two words sum up my experience of Vancouver Island. Talk about a gem among giants. Most people who travel to the west coast of British Columbia come to see Vancouver, Whistler, and Victoria (the province’s capital). But most never make it past the Malahat to the mid-northern region of the …

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