Top Tourist attractions in Canada

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Canada is the perfect blend of old and new. Treat yourself on holidays to Canada by visiting the popular tourist attractions of the destination. Find the list of Popular tourist attractions in Canada here.

Ten provinces and three special provinces spread out over some four million square miles of undiluted entertainment and fun – this is Canada for you. Be it the old world charm in quaint villages or the electrifying modern wonders in gleaming cities, Canada is the perfect blend of old and new. Treat yourself to three magnificent attractions of the destination.


Niagara Falls Ontario Canada
Niagara Falls Ontario Canada

Niagra Falls

These majestic waterfalls leave one speechless. To witness the splendour of these falls at their peak, reserve your seat with one of the cheap flights to Canada for the late spring or early summer months. Don’t forget to capture the beauty of these devilishly attractive falls in your camera.


If culture turns you on, remember to keep Ottawa on the itinerary while booking flights to Canada. The destination is an all time favourite holiday spot. While summers spell as the chance to follow exhilarating biking tracks and chill out in gardens, the winter visitor may try out skating at the frozen Rideau Canal. This canal is often said to be the largest skating rink in the world. Don’t forget to check out on colourful events like the Changing of Guard on Parliament Hill and the RCMP march.


Looking for a French experience in Canada? Plan a holiday in Montreal. This pristine compact city is full of French boutiques and after Paris remains the largest French speaking city in the world. While gourmets may sample the irresistible temptations served in world famous restaurants, party animals can paint the town red at the numerous nightclubs.

Other Popular Holiday Attractions in Canada:

The Canadian Rockies

Straddling the British Columbia/Alberta border, this mountain chain runs from the U.S. border to the northern end of British Columbia.

Pacific Rim National Park

Located on Vancouver Island’s rugged west coast, the park encompasses Long Beach, which is actually a 40-km stretch of wide, sandy beaches on the west coast of Vancouver Island between Ucuelet and Tofino.

Cabot Trail / Nova Scotia

This is actually a drive; a beautiful, scenic loop carved into the side of mountains that rise high above the waters of the Gulf of St. Lawrence.

Baffin Island / Oikiqtaaluk / Helluland

This is the Canada’s largest island, and the fifth largest island in the world, lying between Greenland and the Canadian mainland, in the territory of Nunavut.

Vancouver / Victoria

Vancouver is a metropolitan city in the southwest corner of British Columbia, on Canada’s west coast. Victoria is a smaller city at the south end of Vancouver Island.

The Prairies

The prairie is a vast steppe-land area between the Rocky Mountains in the West and the Great Lake region in central Canada.

The Rocky Mountaineer

The Rocky Mountaineer travels from the coast of British Columbia to the Rocky Mountains in Alberta, and vice versa.

Old Québec City

It is the capital of Québec, located on the St. Lawrence River in Central Canada.

Bay of Fundy

It is an ocean bay stretching between the provinces of New Brunswick and Nova Scotia.


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