Wood Buffalo National Park in Fort McMurray Canada

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Wood Buffalo National Park is the largest park in Canada, and covers an area of 11,070,000 acres. To put it into perspective, Wood Buffalo National park covers more territory than the entire country of Switzerland. It is located across northeastern Alberta and into the Southern portion of the Northwest Territories. It is treasured by residents of Fort McMurray. In the summer, lots of families leave their Fort McMurray furnished suites and head out to the park to see the incredible natural landscape and the diverse wildlife.


Wood Buffalo National Park Canada
Wood Buffalo National Park Canada

The park is a UNESCO World Heritage site, which makes it the second largest protected area in the World. The park is very unique, here are some fun facts that you didn’t know about Wood Buffalo National Park. Wood Buffalo National Park is home to the endangered Whopping Crane. They are the tallest North American bird, with a height of 4 feet and a wingspan of 8 feet.

Its lifespan is estimated to be between 22 and 24 years old, in the wild. The Whopping Crane was declared an endangered species as of 1967 due to unregulated hunting and loss of habitat. They are only one of two crane species in North America. The species is protected at Wood Buffalo National Park, which is the only place that the Whopping Crane can be found. When Whopping Cranes are born, they are cinnamon brown in color, but as they mature they become white with a red crown, and a long, dark pointed bill.


wood-buffalo-national-park Canada


In 1982, Wood Buffalo National Park received recognition by the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN)for protecting the Peace Athabasca-Delta and the whopping crane nesting area. Both sites were designated as Ramsar sites under the Ramsar convention which focuses on identifying and protecting critical habitat for migratory birds.


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