5 Best Hotels in Cabo Mexico

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Do you know that Cabo is a short term used by Americans to denote the Cabo San Lucas city? Yes, Cabo is a city located in the Mexican state of Baja California Sur.


Cabo deep sea fishing
Cabo deep sea fishing


Some interesting facts:

You might have or might not have heard that Cabo is one of the top 5 tourist destination in the Mexico. Yes, this place is known for her enthralling beaches, adventurous scuba diving locations, marine life, the sea arch and the Balnearios. With a plenty of resorts and timeshares, this destination is thronged by tourists from across the globe. In addition to these things, Cabo is the home for a wide range of wildlife inclusive of birds, sharks, rays and a range of fish like Mahi-Mahi and striped Marlin.

Prominent vacation spot:

Cabo San Lucas is not just known for the attractions, but she is also popular for her spa destinations. Most of the tourists wish to spend time at the coast between San Jose Del Cabo and San Lucas. The local destination called Arco De Cabo San Lucas is an attraction thronged not just by tourists, but also by the locals

Cabo San Lucas hosts the world’s highest paying Marlin Tournament, which is conducted every year in the month of October. When you reach this great spot in winter, you can observe pods of whales crossing. After they migrate for about 6000 miles from Alaska and Siberia, they hold their calves in the warm water of Gulf of California. Watching them is truly a lifetime experience.

Time to explore the top 5 hotels:

Now, with these things known about this great destination, do you wish to explore the breath-taking marine life? Yes, of course, you can do, but you need the best place to stay at the Cabo, isn’t? Let us explore the top 5 best hotels in Cabo Mexico that were earned star rating and awards from the Forbes Travel Guide:

  1. Esperanza, An Auberge Resort:


Have you ever imagined spending your vacation like a celebrity? If you wish to get such an experience, you should choose Esperanza, An Auberge Resort at Cabo for a stay during your vacation. After the Hurricane Odile, the resort was revamped recently in 2014. Now, she has emerged better than ever before. The multi-tiered ocean front pool is really an attraction that brings repeated guests to this resort.

This 57-room hotel has hosted many stars and luxury seekers with her location at just a 15-minute journey from the downtown Cabo San Lucas.

The rooms in this resort are inspired by rich Blue Ocean and rocky cliffs. The gray-washed wood floors in the newly renovated guest rooms are truly an attraction. The rooms are spacious with private balconies that offer spectacular ocean views. Each room will give a private and intimate feel to the guests as the resort itself is perched on the hillside overlooking a private beach.

2. Las Ventanas al Paraíso, A Rosewood Resort:


Las Ventanas al paraiso pool


I should say that this rosewood resort nearly looks like a retreat amidst the desert. But, this would have been your thought as well, if the resort is not overseeing the glittering ocean of Cortez. The winding unending pools in this resort look like they just join with the ocean at some point. In addition, the Mexican- Mediterranean-style buildings along with the desert landscape, gives a great first impression in the minds of first-time viewers.

With all these things, you need not have to feel this resource as a delusion. Yes, the resort owners will send a private car to fetch you from the airport and when you reach the resort, you will get a Las Ventanas keepsake. This is the last resort to be refurbished after the 2014 Hurricane attack. She retains everything similar to her past look, which is the real attraction for many repeat visitors.

3. The Resort at Pedregal:



Right from the moment you enter the private tunnel that is torch-lit, which is the way that leads to the entrance of the Resort at Pedregal, you will understand that this place is going to bring a different experience. They never deceive you of this thought all through your stay at the Resort at Pedregal. This 113-room facility is relatively a new entrant in the niche of Cabo Mexico accommodations. To make sure that every guest gets the excellent view of the ocean, the resort is standing just to the side of Pedregal Mountain.

You will be excited with the plethora of perks at the resort inclusive of well-behaved personal assistants, who can provide you everything that a standard concierge can provide you. It is a palapa-shaded region perfect for relishing a complimentary welcome margarita when you engage yourself in the board game or read the huge coffee table books.

4. One & Only One & Only Palmilla pool Mexico:



If you look for an elite seaside escape in Cabo Mexico, you should feel confident about choosing One & Only Palmilla. Do you know this hotel has been serving the tourists from 1956? At the beginning, the hotel had 15 guest rooms and a small chapel. Still, you can see the chapel standing by retaining its glory. Until 1970, highways were not built to reach this region. So, the first guests to the hotel arrived in their yachts and planes. Those first guests were not just guests, but they were also great celebrities of their times.

Today, she sits on 55 acres of land inclusive of 174 guest rooms. The hotel frequently enthralls celebrities as its guests and of course, civilians also make their way with an idea to get a glimpse of their favorite personalities during vacation.

5. The Cape, a Thompson Hotel:

The Cape, a Thompson Hotel Cabo Mexico



This hotel has gained the certificate of excellence and also Travelers’ Choice 2017 award. Travelers have chosen this resort for the best service and also for the wonderful accommodations they are offered at this great hotel. It is not just a spa hotel, but the luxury associated with other facilities surely enthralls the tourists. It is also a hotel on the beach to provide breath-taking views to the ocean.

Most people, who have stayed at this hotel, had a personally satisfying amazing experience at the Cape. The exceptional service truly deserved a mention. Right from the moment you enter this hotel, you will get the feel of getting into a different world. It is really a pleasure to choose the Cape for your vacation at the Cabo.


With attractive and breath-taking things to do and places to explore, Cabo has the best places for your accommodation. So, choose one among the 5 best hotels in Cabo Mexico, to get an unforgettable experience.

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