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Seattle Cruises to Alaska When people think of cruise vacations, the Caribbean is the first thing that comes to mind. Caribbean cruises are known for great weather, clear water, and an island atmosphere of music, food, and culture. The Caribbean is still the most popular cruise destination in the world with more sailings than anywhere else. But while Caribbean cruises still top the list, Alaska cruises are climbing the list as a new favorite. As for departure ports in the United States, Seattle is the main gateway for Alaska cruises.

Alaska cruises are quite popular, as they offer some of best coastal attractions, amazing scenery and sea and wildlife viewing opportunities. There are a couple of different routes for cruises to Alaska from Seattle and there are several seven day sailings departing Seattle weekly.


Alsaka Cruises


The Inside Passage cruises travel through the islands sitting across from British Columbia and Alaska. The other option is the glacier cruises route, which offers more glaciers for your viewing pleasure, and stops at more ports. The season for Seattle cruises to Alaska starts in late April and runs through mid-October. This is due to the warmer climate and additional daylight hours during this time of year.


If you would like to cruise Alaska from Seattle for the scenery, you’ll be happy to know that there are plenty of glaciers, and some amazing wildlife to witness during the journey, so make sure you bring along a camera as there will be plenty of amazing experiences you’ll want to share when you get home. If you’re trying to catch a glimpse whales, the best time of year is June and July, as the water temperatures and feeding opportunities are much more suited for these beautiful creatures during the summer.


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